Audi e-tron GT Stories July 17, 2019

Audi is working on its first electric sedan, the e-tron GT, unveiled at the LA auto show last year. It is now starting preparation work at a factory in Germany to start production in ‘late 2020’. expand full story

Audi e-tron GT Stories April 29, 2019

With the launch of their new electric SUV in the US, Audi is now making a marketing push for the e-tron vehicle lineup — making it one of the rare legacy automakers advertising electric cars.

In its latest effort, they had an important product placement in the new Avengers movie, but they added some gas engine sounds to electric Audi e-tron.

Note: this article is spoiler-free. expand full story

Audi e-tron GT Stories November 27, 2018

Audi unveiled the Porsche Taycan-based e-tron GT all-electric vehicle ahead of its launch tomorrow, but it’s now in “camouflage”. expand full story

Audi e-tron GT Stories November 26, 2018

Audi is launching 3 new all-electric vehicles in a relatively short period of time and the third one is particularly interesting because it is based on the Porsche Taycan.

The German automaker has now released new images of the vehicle, named e-tron GT, ahead of its launch this week. expand full story

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