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We toured Wallbox’s new Texas facility and demoed its 400 kW DCFC that can deliver 100 miles in 5 minutes


EV charging equipment specialist Wallbox opened its new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Arlington, Texas, today where we were fortunate enough to be one of the first to take a tour. This new 130,000-square-foot factory is Wallbox’s first manufacturing footprint in North America, and will produce all of its US EV chargers. Wallbox also demonstrated one of the chargers that will be built in Texas – the new Hypernova 400 kW DC fast charger, which can add up to 100 miles of range in just five minutes.

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Fisker partners with Wallbox to bring competitively priced chargers to Fisker EV owners


Fisker continues building momentum as the Southern California-based EV maker announced Tuesday it will partner with Wallbox to offer its EV charging solutions to Fisker electric vehicle owners. The new partnership is designed to accelerate the transition to EVs, giving Fisker owners a cost-effective home charging option.

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Wallbox Quasar 2 bidirectional V2H CCS-combo DC charger announced, turns EVs into huge Powerwall

Wallbox (WBX), the Barcelona, Spain-based charger maker, announced its second generation Quasar 2 bidirectional charger at CES this week, two years after the original Quasar won our best of CES 2020. The upgrades are many for this new charger, which we consider to be one of the most important new technologies in the EV ecosystem.

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Wallbox Quasar bidirectional home DC charger will turn EVs into a huge Tesla Powerwall

Today at CES, I got to meet up with Douglas Alfaro, the North American head of Wallbox, a Spanish charging technology maker who has a game-changing product for EV owners called the Quasar. Alfaro spent seven years at Tesla leading its Supercharging team across the US, among other roles.

Quasar is a bidirectional DC charger for homes that is expected to retail for around $4,000. That’s a heavy price for a home charger that most EV owners currently pay ~$500 for. Let me tell you why this will seem like a bargain and should be in every EV owner’s home (in one form or another) in a few short years.