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Mainstream news doesn’t understand mainstream EV range

ID.4 range

I was excited to read today’s NYTimes piece on mainstreaming of electric vehicles. The story with two separate author bylines could theoretically convince middle America that it was OK to consider buying an EV, even if there were places like “North Dakota, for example, [where] there are just 19 fast chargers.” But I found myself cringing because of incomplete reporting and a strong desire to set the record straight.

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VW confirms that some ID.4 electric SUVs were lost in infamous cargo ship fire (Update: Felicity Ace sinks)

VW has now confirmed to customers that some ID.4 electric SUVs were lost when the Felicity Ace cargo ship caught fire during its Atlantic ocean crossing.

(Update: 9am ET March 1st): Felicity Ace sank 220 miles off the coast of Portugal’s Azores Islands around 9 a.m. local time after being battered by waves

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VW CEO Diess disagrees with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, saying L3 autonomy requires Lidar (plus VW EV Pickup, summer OTA, and more)

Diess Musk

In a wide-ranging AMA on Reddit today, VW CEO Herbert Diess provided answers to a ton of questions from the Reddit community, some of which were news to us. Importantly, he clarified Volkswagen’s position on Autonomy and ID.4 charging update timelines while waxing eloquent on a low-price VW EV and everyone’s favorite, the Microbus.

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Hands-on with the VW ID.4: The every-person’s electric SUV

As someone who’s owned and operated their fair share of EVs, I was looking forward to experiencing Volkswagen’s first truly mainstream electric vehicle, the VW ID.4 SUV. As a part of a #vwpartner collaboration with Volkswagen, I got the opportunity to drive the VW ID.4 for a few days. What I found was an SUV for the masses that is easy to adapt to if you’re coming from a traditional gas-powered vehicle.

The VW ID.4 also features plenty of tech, including wireless CarPlay on a large available 12-inch display, and available wireless charging. Watch our hands-on video for the details.

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I spent one week driving the VW ID.4 – here’s how it went [sponsored]

Volkswagen partnered with Electrek to test the ID.4 electric crossover for a week. During the development, release, and launch, we’ve covered the ID.4 with great anticipation.

For this sponsored partner post, I test out the ID.4 as a daily driver and road-trip vehicle, taking notice of the comfort, utility, and light off-road capabilities.

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VW Chattanooga-built AWD ID.4 adds power/traction but best still to come OTA

VW invited Electrek to their Chattanooga factory location to check out the new AWD ID.4, which ups the electric SUV from around 200 to 300 horsepower with a front-wheel-drive motor. Even better, next year, North American units of the ID.4 will be built locally at the huge VW factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which we got to see first hand…

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EPA confirms range for dual-motor versions of VW’s ID.4 Pro, Pro S

EPA range ID.4

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confirmed the estimated mile range of two AWD versions of Volkswagen’s all-electric ID.4 SUV. The dual-motor trims of the ID.4 Pro and Pro S were announced over the summer, but we are just now seeing the EPA estimated range of each to compare the previous rear-wheel-drive versions.

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VW ID.4 Sneak Peek — Will VW’s electric SUV outsell the ID.3?

Obviously the short answer to the question above is yes, as Volkswagen at present has no plans to bring the ID.3 to North America, but what if they did? Would the Europe-friendly ID.3 succeed where the eGolf failed, or will the ID.4 simply be the better fit for the highways of the US and Canada? We recently reviewed the ID.3 and were impressed. Can the ID.4 create the same excitement that its “little brother” has in Europe, and does the Dieselgate scandal still linger in the consciousness of the North American consumer?

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