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Electrify America rebrands 350kW and 150kW chargers – will ‘hyper-fast’ and ‘ultra-fast’ become the new naming standard?

Electrify America chargers

North American EV fast-charging network Electrify America has introduced a new labeling system to more easily differentiate its charging levels for consumers. Additionally, the latest generation of Electrify America DC fast chargers will include a new “Balanced” technology in which power is evenly distributed to multiple EVs at once in order to maximize speeds and deliver at least 150 kW of “ultra-fast” charging. Could this set a new standard for all EV charging networks in North America?

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VW forms ‘Electrify Canada’ to deploy a new network of ‘ultra-fast’ charging stations

After forming ‘Electrify America’ last year in order to comply with their settlement with the EPA and CARB over the Dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen set out to make a large investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the US.

Now Volkswagen is now doing the same in Canada with a new subsidiary called ‘Electrify Canada’.