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Blink drops five new EV chargers including an LTE-connected, 55-inch display solution called Vision

Blink charging

This morning at CES in Las Vegas, Global EV charging network Blink announced five new charging products for businesses and consumers. Blink’s latest charging tech includes everything from a residential charging cable to DC fast chargers designed to offer EV charging across global markets. Have a look.

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Blink Charging acquires EB Charging overseas, marking its first entry into the UK market

Blink UK

Blink Charging announced that its European subsidiary, Blink Holdings BV, has acquired Electric Blue Ltd. better known as EB Charging based in the UK. In addition to Blink’s first entry into the UK, the acquisition marks Blink’s global expansion which now includes over eighteen countries.

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New partnership between Blink, ChargePoint and EVgo lets you access all 3 charging networks with a single account

BlinkA major new partnership between Blink, BMW, ChargePoint, Nissan and EVgo was announced today at the LA Auto show. The five partners created the ROEV association with the goal to access all 3 charging networks with a single account.

Between them Blink, ChargePoint and EVgo operate more than 17,500 electric vehicle charging stations or about 91% of all stations in the US.

Full press release below: