Full Self-Driving (FSD) Stories December 1, 2021

After a month of safe and cautious driving, I finally achieved a Safety Score of 99 last week, and shortly thereafter, I was granted access to the Full Self-Driving Beta for my 2021 Model Y. The experience with the FSD Beta over the last seven days has made a few things clear: it’s very much a beta, but it’s very, very impressive when it works.

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Full Self-Driving (FSD) Stories September 26, 2021

True to its (latest) word, Tesla released the “Button” late Friday/early Saturday, though it went from “opting in to Full Self Driving Beta” to “requesting access to Full Self Driving”. The caveats don’t stop there.

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Full Self-Driving (FSD) Stories August 5, 2021

Footage of a man recklessly driving his Li Auto ONE SUV has gone viral in China after he tricked his SUV into “full self-driving” mode. The video shows the driver reclining his seat all the way back with his hands off the wheel, allowing the car to drive itself using driver assist features.

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