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Full Self-Driving (FSD)

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Mary Barra confident in GM’s self-driving vehicle tech and goal to beat Tesla in EVs

GM Tesla

As we roll along in the third quarter of 2022, GM’s long-promised EV lineup is beginning to materialize and gain some serious momentum. The American automaker now has several EVs on the market and has even more in its production pipeline. In recent media appearances, CEO Mary Barra has relayed confidence in GM’s autonomous technology and has reiterated the company’s goal to usurp Tesla as the leader in EV production. Can GM pull it off?

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The top five best-equipped countries to support autonomous vehicles – Who’s leading the self-driving revolution?

Imagine a not so distance future where you’re sitting in your electric vehicle (something truly luxurious since you’re so successful in the future), and you’re looking back on this list below and comparing predictions to your current world. You sip your ketone-infused coffee and take a bite of your zero-carb croissant while you answer emails using your glasses. In this future your vehicle is doing all the driving for you, so you can focus on your breakfast and the latest Electrek news. Look at you … crushing it. This autonomous-vehicle future may not be so far away (and will likely arrive before a zero carb croissant, to be honest), but which countries are making the most moves to support autonomous vehicles? A study by offers a comprehensive list below.

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Full Self-Driving Diary: A longtime Tesla driver’s perspective on FSD beta

Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Hero

After a month of safe and cautious driving, I finally achieved a Safety Score of 99 last week, and shortly thereafter, I was granted access to the Full Self-Driving Beta for my 2021 Model Y. The experience with the FSD Beta over the last seven days has made a few things clear: it’s very much a beta, but it’s very, very impressive when it works.

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