Unplugged Performance Stories November 5, 2019

While Tesla is working on a track-focused Model S, the Model 3 Performance is getting its own street-legal racing treatment from Unplugged Performance. expand full story

Unplugged Performance Stories March 13, 2019

What if you could buy aftermarket parts that would improve the drag of your Tesla Model 3 and therefore its range and efficiency — resulting in the parts paying for themselves.

That’s exactly what Tesla tuner Unplugged Performance set out to do and they claim to have the data to back it up. expand full story

Unplugged Performance Stories October 30, 2018

Unplugged Performance, which aims to be to Tesla what AMG is to Mercedes-Benz, unveils their latest full vehicle upgrade package for the Model S at SEMA today.

It’s called ‘the S-APEX series for Tesla Model S’ and they unveiled it on a Model S P100D – resulting in a stunning widebody Tesla vehicle with racing suspension and more. expand full story

Unplugged Performance Stories October 13, 2017

Even though Tesla has more than 400,000 Model 3 reservations, only a few vehicles are currently on the road as the automaker is trying to ramp up production.

Despite the low number of cars available, one has apparently already been modified by a third-party car tuner. expand full story

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