Supercharger Stories July 21

As more and more consumers make the green decision to forego their combustion engines for electric vehicles, they may not be as in tune with charging standards. kW, voltage, and amps might sound like jargon compared to miles per gallon, but these are essential units to understand to get the most efficiency out of your shiny new EV.

Let the following serve as a guide, offering all you need to know about the various charging options out there and how they differ.

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Supercharger Stories July 14, 2016


Screenshot via

recently complained about the inability to drive a Tesla direct from New York City up the Hudson River and to Montreal directly to the EV29 show, without going around Lake Champlain into Vermont. In the month since I complained, Tesla has opened up a Supercharger in Plattsburgh, NY near the Canadian border and it looks like another is being readied (image below via sheltz32tt) north of Albany in Queensbury near affluent Sarasota Springs. Now, I can move on to complaining about lighting up route 80 from New York to Cleveland thru Pennsylvania… Queensbury-supercharger

Tesla is also bolstering its Superchargers north of the border, today announcing another location in the heart of Montreal (Place Vertu Shopping Centre 3131 Cote Vertu Boulevard Montréal H4R 1Y8) and another in Magog (Carrefour Sante Globale 2381 Rue Principale Ouest Magog J1X 0J4) that will help Tesla owners in the Northeast US get to and from Quebec City. expand full story

Supercharger Stories June 30, 2016

tesla Supercharger ruby tuesday

Tesla and Ruby Tuesday, a popular chain of restaurants in the US, announced a partnership to open a series of new Supercharger Stations at its locations along important routes across the US. The news comes just a few days after Tesla acknowledged being in talks with gas station and restaurant chains about expanding its network of fast-charging stations. expand full story

Supercharger Stories June 28, 2016


In a future where the world’s car fleet is rapidly transitioning to electric vehicles, gas stations will be forcefully downgraded to simple convenience stores and consequently, they will lose a significant revenue stream brought in by people stopping for gas but buying something at the convenience store. Now it looks like Tesla is offering a lifeline to the industry as we learn that the electric automaker is talking with gas station chains about installing Superchargers at some of their stations in the US. expand full story

Supercharger Drummondville

Yesterday, Tesla inaugurated its 100th Supercharger in China located at its ‘Tesla experience center’ in the business district in Beijing, and for the occasion, the automaker announced the official launch of  ‘Tesla Public Charging Partner Program’ in the country.

Under the program, Tesla is inviting hotel groups, commercial real estate companies, industrial parks, office buildings, banks, resorts, and other businesses across the country to participate in Tesla’s Supercharger and Destination Charger networks. expand full story

Supercharger Stories June 25, 2016

Tesla Supercharger Newark

The Tesla Supercharger in Newark, Delaware, is an important charging spot for Tesla owners traveling on the east coast. It is one of Tesla’s biggest location, with 12 Supercharger stalls, and it is strategically located on I-95 between Washington and New York.

Earlier this month, someone backed into one of the stalls and damaged it. A week later, the station came offline and has been down for the past 4 days . Now with the fourth of July coming, a lot of traffic is to be expected along Tesla’s Supercharger routes and owners are starting to worry about the response time to fix any issues with the charging network.

Update: the station finally came back online around midnight last night (June 25). expand full story

Supercharger Stories June 15, 2016

model x mexico

Last month, we reported on how Tesla announced its first location for a Supercharger in Mexico in the most subtle, weird, but awesome way. We now learn that the automaker brought the Supercharging station online, making it its first DC fast-charging station south of the US border, and just in time for the introduction of the Model X in Mexico. expand full story

Supercharger Stories June 6, 2016

model x supercharger

A parked Model X at the Newark, Delaware Tesla Supercharger prompted a lot of reactions from the Tesla community over the weekend. The Model X in question decided to block 3 Supercharger stalls instead of removing its bike rack, which is seen as a breach of the unofficial Supercharger etiquette. expand full story

Supercharger Stories April 19, 2016

first model x europe

Audi plans to release an all-electric luxury SUV, the e-tron quattro, in 2018. The vehicle is expected to become the first all-electric competitor to Tesla’s Model X. Earlier this year, we reported on one of the first Model X in Europe spotted near to Audi’s headquarters in Ingolstadt (pictures above), where the german automaker is believed to be reverse-engineering or benchmarking Tesla’s SUV – something it also did with the Model S.

Now a Model X reportedly driven by an Audi engineer has been spotted again over the weekend, but this time in a more interesting context. expand full story

Supercharger Stories April 8, 2016

model 3 unveil 1

After Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the Model 3 last week and went through a few of the car’s features, it would have been difficult to find an EV enthusiast disappointed by the event. But now a week later, the automaker has been altering the language around the Model 3’s features and it has raised a few eyebrows.

Tesla changed the wording around the Model 3’s safety rating, Autopilot and Supercharging capabilities, which are arguably Tesla’s three best-selling points. expand full story

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