charging stations Stories March 18

Drivers of gas cars are expressing fears about contact with coronavirus at the pumps. Studies dating back to 2011 reveal that gas pumps are among the germiest surfaces in America.

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charging stations Stories November 26, 2019

Curse Electrify America (EA) if you want. Giovanni Palazzo, the CEO of the nationwide charging network, invites criticism if you have a terrible experience at an EA location. We spent a full hour last week with Palazzo, and COO Brendan Jones, discussing the challenges of creating an open nationwide network of ultra-fast EV chargers. Electrify America has made a lot of progress, but its leaders admit it has a long way to go to serve the next generation of EV drivers.

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charging stations Stories September 27, 2019

If you needed another sign of electric vehicles taking over, a gas station in Maryland is removing its gas pumps to make space for new electric car-charging stations. expand full story

charging stations Stories July 25, 2019

Florida’s Turnpike plazas will be getting fast charging stations, as the state recently introduced its mitigation plan from its share of the Volkswagen Dieselgate settlement.

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charging stations Stories March 12, 2018

Home charging stations for electric cars can often look quite dull, which is not a problem for most people since it just becomes another tool in your garage or driveway, but that’s not OK for Bentley.

The British luxury automaker designed a stunning new charging station for its upcoming electric vehicles. expand full story

charging stations Stories July 27, 2017

Large countries with low population density are having more difficulties deploying electric car charging networks for long distance travel.

Australia is a great example, but they are trying to get ahead of the issue as the country announced today a new ‘Electric Super Highway’ to cover over 1,000 miles with fast-charging stations for electric cars by the end of the year. expand full story

charging stations Stories July 21, 2017

Good news for Canadian electric car drivers or soon-to-be electric car drivers. A new network of DC fast-charging stations has been announced to cover the Trans-Canada Highway in a currently underserved region between Ontario and Manitoba.

Interestingly, the stations will be equipped with energy storage systems in order to make sure it can deliver fast-charging even where there are grid limitations. expand full story

charging stations Stories July 12, 2017

Good news for current and soon-to-be German electric car drivers. German electric utility EnBW announced that they will deploy 1,000 new EV charging stations along the German Autobahn.

EnBW already has a small network of charging station in Germany, but those new chargers alone would more than double the size of the network. expand full story

charging stations Stories December 15, 2016


The world of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is still only in its infancy, but it’s growing at an exciting pace. After 5 major automakers announced that they joined forces to deploy 400 ultra-fast (350 kW) charging stations for electric vehicles in Europe last month, now the latest good news comes from EVgo, a leading operator of public EV charging networks in the US.

Today, the company announced that it has broken ground on the very first US public charging station capable of “up 350 kW” output. The station is located in Baker, California.  expand full story

charging stations Stories August 27, 2016


Pacific Gas & Electric Co., the biggest utility company in California, recently submitted a proposal to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to install approximately 7,500 level 2, and 100 DC fast EV charging stations around the state, which would be, by far, the most massive roll-out of chargers in the United States.

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