NVidia Stories December 18, 2019

NVIDIA has unveiled what they call the “world’s most advanced processor” for use in autonomous vehicles and robots. The new NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Orin chip can perform 200 trillion operations per second, which is almost seven times as many as NVIDIA’s previous Xavier chip (30 trillion operations) and more than Tesla’s FSD Computer (144 trillion).

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NVidia Stories April 23, 2019

NVIDIA, formerly a supplier of Tesla Autopilot hardware, is giving the nod to Tesla for ‘raising the bar’ when it comes to self-driving with their announcements yesterday. However, they also dispute some of the claims made by the automaker about its new FSD computer.

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NVidia Stories October 10, 2017

Nvidia has been positioning itself as a leading computing power supplier for autonomous driving. Tesla deployed Nvidia’s Drive PX2 computers in its vehicles last year and claimed it could eventually enable fully autonomous driving (level 5) – becoming the first to include it in production cars.

But the automaker and chipmaker didn’t agree on the computing power needed to enable fully self-driving capability.

Now Nvidia unveils a new supercomputer that it believes will enable level 5 autonomous driving. expand full story

NVidia Stories May 22, 2017

In the past, we have extensively covered the fact that Tesla has been equipping all its vehicles produced since October 2016 with a very powerful computer in order to eventually enable fully self-driving capability.

While Nvidia confirmed that the computer in question is based on its Drive PX2 platform for autonomous driving, they offer several variations of the product and we never knew which one for sure until now. expand full story

NVidia Stories May 10, 2017

NVIDIA, a leading GPU maker, has been emerging as an important computing power supplier for the automotive industry’s transition to autonomous driving. Over the past two decades, the computing power in the passenger cars has increased significantly, but it’s nothing compared to how it will have to increase over the next decade in order for cars to drive themselves.

Toyota has become today the latest automaker to team up with NVIDIA in order to accelerate their autonomous vehicle program. expand full story

NVidia Stories January 20, 2017


NVIDIA’s Drive PX 2 is the onboard supercomputer that is installed in all-new Tesla vehicles since October 2016 and that powers the automaker’s second generation Autopilot with the ‘Tesla Vision’ image processing technology.

We had to take Tesla at their words that the high-tech piece of equipment was in the vehicle until now. An owner removed the panels of the new car and we got our first look at the system this week. expand full story

NVidia Stories December 12, 2016


In the same week that the California Department of Motor Vehicles granted a permit to NVIDIA to start testing self-driving cars in the state, it was reported that Tesla, which uses NVIDIA’s chips to power the latest version of its Autopilot, signed a contract with Samsung Electronics to build an ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) system for future self-driving applications.

While NVIDIA has been positioning itself as a supplier of the computing power behind self-driving systems, it wasn’t believed to have ambitions to build entire systems with sensors and controls. While it could still be the case, it would seem that Tesla and NVIDIA are both increasingly encroaching on each others’ area of expertise. expand full story

NVidia Stories November 11, 2016


NVIDIA reported its financial results for the last quarter yesterday and surprised Wall Street. The chip maker, which is now becoming an “AI company” according to its leadership, reported revenue of $2 billion on expectations of $1.7 billion and they also surpassed earnings expectations by a similar margin.

On a conference call with CEO Jen-Hsun Huang following the results, analysts were particularly interested in the company’s push in AI and the automotive industry, especially since Tesla’s started delivering every single one of its vehicles with NVIDIA’s Drive PX2 supercomputer.

Huang offered some very interesting insights into how he sees Tesla’s self-driving program playing out. expand full story

NVidia Stories October 21, 2016


We reported in exclusivity earlier this month that Tesla was going with Nvidia hardware to power its imagine processing platform called ‘Tesla Vision’, but we couldn’t pinpoint which product Tesla was going to use exactly. While we discussed the possibility of using Nvidia’s new Drive PX2 AI computing platform for self-driving cars, we also noted that the product is fairly new and expensive to be included in all new Tesla cars coming off the line.

We thought the theory was confirmed when Tesla CEO Elon Musk said this week that the automaker ended up choosing the ‘Nvidia Titan GPU’, an off-the-shelves but powerful GPU card, to power ‘Tesla Vision’, but as it turns out, Musk misspoke and Nvidia confirmed that the “in-vehicle supercomputer is powered by the NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 AI computing platform.” expand full story

NVidia Stories October 27, 2015

MeVREuMNVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced that he took delivery of a rare Tesla Model X P90D, presumably a ‘Founder Series’ since Signature Model X reservation holders have yet to be assigned a delivery date. expand full story

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