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Hydrogen Fuel Cell

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Scientists have increased the life of fuel cells – why that matters for solar and wind

solid oxide fuel cell

In research that could jumpstart work on a range of technologies including fuel cells – key to storing solar and wind energy – MIT researchers have found a relatively simple way to increase the lifetimes of these devices: changing the “pH” of the system.

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ZeroAvia secures $30M in additional funding to get its hydrogen-electric planes to the skies

Hydrogen electric plane

Hydrogen-electric plane developer ZeroAvia announced it has garnered an additional $30 million in funding from both new and returning investors, including International Airlines Group (IAG). The aviation company’s Series B funding round now totals $68 million, which will be used to get its forty to eighty seat planes into operation by 2026.

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Is hydrogen-powered transportation viable? Find out in this free, 15-minute webinar

Could replacing fossil fuels with hydrogen turn transportation and manufacturing into green industries? Experts at the Argonne National Laboratory, a US Department of Energy science and engineering research center in Lemont, Illinois, are inviting the public to listen in as they discuss the environmental and economic benefits of the transition to hydrogen.

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Honda CEO says Toyota’s strategy to pursue hydrogen combustion ‘doesn’t seem feasible’

Honda Toyota hydrogen

Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe recently spoke to proposals of hydrogen combustion cars by rivals like Toyota, stating his company studied the technology’s potential ten years ago. Mibe went on to say that unlike Toyota, Honda doesn’t see hydrogen combustion as feasible for cars. That doesn’t mean the Japanese automaker is abandoning the chemical element, however. Hydrogen Fuel Cell EVs remain a key part of its zero-emissions strategy looking forward.

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Cyclum Renewables reimagines the truck stop ahead of electric semi truck surge

electric semi truck charging station

Somewhere in a Venn diagram that includes Turkish bath houses, refugee camps, and outdoor music festivals exists the American truck stop. In concept and execution, it’s a business model that has endured for decades – but the coming wave of electric semi trucks will present different challenges than a gas pump and shower, and challenge presents opportunity.

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Hydrogen station explodes, Toyota halts sales of fuel cell cars, is this the end?

Hydrogen station explodes

A hydrogen refueling station exploded in Norway on Monday and the company operating the station has suspended operation at its other locations following the explosion.

Now, Toyota and Hyundai are both halting sales of fuel cell vehicles in the country.

Does this spell the end of fuel cell hydrogen vehicles as a “zero-emission” alternative?


Majority of automotive execs still believe battery-powered cars will fail and fuel cells are the future

fuel cell toyota

Fuel Cells! We thought we were already passed that after the best case scenario supply chain for hydrogen fuel cell has been proven inefficient compared to even most battery-powered electric cars available today. We thought that only a few major automakers, primarily Toyota, Hyundai, and Honda with deep sunk costs were still focusing on the technology. Even these entrenched players have been showing signs of warming up to batteries.

But now the latest automotive executive survey by KPMG suggest that a strong majority of the automotive industry still believe battery-powered cars will fail and fuel cells are the future.