microgrids Stories April 7, 2017

Microgrids using solar and batteries have primarily been deployed in remote communities, like Tesla’s Powerpack projects in a resort in the Fiji Islands and an entire island in the American Samoa, because they are more easily deployed than power plants and becoming cheaper than diesel generators.

For the same reasons, the military has also been closely following and developing the technology. The Air Force Research Laboratory’s Advanced Power Technology Office (APTO) unveiled this week its own “operating base of the future demonstration” using a battery- and solar-powered microgrid. expand full story

microgrids Stories May 6, 2016

55229-2906493Caterpillar – the company known for building some of the biggest, baddest construction hardware on the planet has launched a new product line: CAT Microgrid Technology powered with Solar Power. Caterpillar’s product line is focused on mining, telecoms and remote communities, but a push by the likes of SolarCityThe State of New York and Community Solar, and you’ll soon see why Microgrids will reshape how your neighborhood gets it electricity.

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