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Solar Electric Boats

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This 8,400-sq.-ft. Domus solar trimaran concept plans to deliver unlimited range at sea with zero emissions

Meet Domus – the solar electric sailing yacht concept created as a collaboration between Rob Doyle Design and Van Geest Design. This 40-meter sailing vessel promises to deliver the interior volume of a 60-meter yacht and can propel itself using wind, solar, hydro regeneration, and hydrogen fuels cells to deliver “unlimited range.” All without any carbon emissions. Did we mention it has a movie theater?

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ALVA Yachts introduces new 78-foot solar electric catamaran with ‘transatlantic range’

ALVA Yachts

Luxury electric boatbuilder ALVA Yachts is back with its latest solar electric catamaran. The upcoming OCEAN ECO 78 will arrive as a mid-size marine vessel in ALVA’s current lineup and comes equipped with the solar and electric propulsion technology to reach a top speed of 14-15 knots (16-17 mph) at sea, plus plenty of battery capacity to go far – all backed by solar panels on its roof.

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ZEN Yachts secures $5.9M in Series A alongside new orders for its solar electric catamaran

Nascent solar electric catamaran manufacturer ZEN Yachts has announced the closing of a Series A funding round totaling 5.5 million euros ($5.86M), sponsored entirely by Ocean Zero, LLC. The zero emissions boatbuilder looks to use the fresh round of funding to continue construction of the first hulls of its ZEN50 solar electric catamaran, of which additional preorders have now been secured.

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Check out ArkHAUS – A modular, floating, solar-electric social club for members only

arkHAUS club

If you thought Soho House was exclusive, wait until you see this. ArkHAUS is an upcoming members-only social club that is as innovative as it is stylish, offering multiple solar-powered, electrically propelled vessels than can be connected to create large floating spaces to work, socialize, and enjoy the views – all while supporting local marine research cleanly beneath the vessel.

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Soel Yachts unveils 62 ft solar electric catamaran with 564 kWh battery capacity and ‘trans-ocean range’

Soel electric yacht

Another day and another solar electric yacht shared with the world, each seemingly going further and faster. The latest announcement comes from Soel Yachts out of the Netherlands, whose new Senses 62 solar electric catamaran boasts some large battery capacity for a yacht, providing what the company calls “trans-ocean range…” however far that means.

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