TSLA Stories July 5

After hitting several new all-time highs over the last month, Tesla’s stock (TSLA) has now tumbled back below $350. It went down another 5% this morning after a new note from Goldman Sachs.

Analysts have been assimilating Tesla’s second quarter delivery numbers over the last few days and now Goldman Sachs is sharing its opinion, which seems to be having a strong impact on the market. expand full story

TSLA Stories June 23

After market close today, Tesla announced that it increased its asset-backed line by $625 million with an option to obtain up to $175 million of additional incremental commitments.

The move comes as Tesla’s cash needs are increasing ahead of the several expansions needed to launch Model 3 production and support its growing fleet.  expand full story

TSLA Stories June 12

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas, one of the most influential analysts covering Tesla (TSLA), is out with a new note to clients today.

In the note, he is rethinking the rationale behind Tesla’s growing valuation by comparing it to Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving car company, and aligning it to a potential successful launch of the Model 3.  expand full story


TSLA Stories June 7

Investors seem to like what Tesla CEO Elon Musk had to say at the 2017 shareholder meeting yesterday because the company’s stock price is again surging to new highs.

As the company’s revenue and valuation keep rising, Tesla was added to the Fortune 500 list, which was updated today. expand full story

TSLA Stories June 5

When you are the CEO of a company walking on stage in front of hundreds of your shareholders, as CEOs do during their annual shareholders meeting, it’s always a plus if your stock is doing well. It’s even better if it just hit a new all-time high.

That’s exactly what is happening with Tesla.

The automaker’s stock just hit a new all-time high of $347 just as the company is about to hold its annual shareholder meeting tomorrow. expand full story

TSLA Stories May 31

Over the past few months, Tesla’s valuation surged past Ford and GM and it surged again to new highs over the past two days.

Morgan Stanley explained in a new note today that investors are now not only looking at Tesla as a simple automaker but as a tech company “at the nexus of shared, autonomous and electric transportation.” expand full story


TSLA Stories May 30

For the third time over the past month, Tesla’s stock is reaching new highs today at over $330 per share – bringing the valuation of the company to over $54 billion.

Tesla’s short-term success is tied to the delivering and ramping up production of the Model 3 on time and as it gets closer to the scheduled start in July, investors seem to be encouraged by what they are seeing. expand full story

TSLA Stories May 24

Most industry watchers agree that Tesla’s short term success is linked to a successful launch and ramp up of Model 3 production.

In a new note today, Baird analyst Ben Kallo highlights what a successful launch could do for Tesla’s valuation, which he sees surging to over $80 billion at ~$500 per share. expand full story

TSLA Stories May 15

After a run to almost its all-time high last week, Tesla’s stock had a 3% setback in pre-market trading this morning after Adam Jonas from Morgan Stanley, one of the most followed auto industry analysts when it comes to Tesla, downgraded the stock following its first quarter results.

Jonas downgraded the stock to “Equalweight” since its run to $325 made it past his $305 price target. The analyst also warns investors that Model 3 deliveries could be much lower than anticipated in 2017 and 2018. expand full story


TSLA Stories May 6

In this week’s top stories: TSLA earnings, Tesla Model Y details, Model 3 reservation data, more Gigafactories, and the latest solar and energy news.  expand full story

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