TSLA Stories November 6

You would think that Tesla short sellers would be running away after the company’s record quarter announced last month, but it’s not the case for one of the most prominent men betting against the company.

David Einhorn, who is betting against Tesla with his $9 billion hedge fund, is sticking to his short position and says that “it’s as good as it gets” for Tesla. expand full story

TSLA Stories October 26

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) has had some great momentum since the company announced a profit earlier this week, but it has since come to a stop due to a report that an FBI probe over Tesla’s reporting of Model 3 production is ramping up. expand full story

TSLA Stories October 25

Perhaps the most compelling detail from Tesla’s quarterly report yesterday was the company’s claim that Model 3 is now the highest revenue generating car model in the US.  Similarly, Apple has long touted that despite some competitors having higher volumes, the iPhone is responsible for the vast majority of profits in the smartphone industry.  Given the Model 3’s high gross margins, it seems likely that it is also the highest profit generating car model in the US.

So with Model 3 having its “iPhone moment,” a comparison between these disruptive silicon valley companies is more appropriate than ever.  What other similarities can we find between their respective stories?

expand full story

TSLA Stories October 24

After market close today, Tesla released its financial results and shareholders letter for the third quarter 2018, which turned out to be a historic quarter.

We are updating this post with all the details from the financial results and shareholders letter. expand full story

Tesla (TSLA) is set to announce its third quarter 2018 financial results today after the markets close. As usual, set to follow the results is a conference call and Q&A with Tesla’s management. This time it’s a little later at 3:30pm Pacific Time (6:30pm Eastern Time).

Here we take a look at what both the street and retail investors are expecting for the quarterly results. expand full story

TSLA Stories October 23

Andrew Left of Citron Research, a long-time vocal Tesla short seller who is currently suing the automaker, announced a change of heart about Tesla and even announced a long position on the stock (TSLA).

It comes when Tesla is just about to release its third quarter financial results. expand full story

Tesla rushes to deliver its Third Quarter 2018 Financial Results and Webcast on Wednesday, October 24 – a week early.

The early earnings come as Tesla is expected to deliver a record quarter and even come close to profitability, according to comments by Elon Musk. expand full story

TSLA Stories October 1

It looks like Tesla (TSLA) is already erasing the loss in value from its sharp drop in stock price following the SEC’s lawsuit last week.

The automaker’s stock has rebounded by 16% in pre-market trading following the news of Elon Musk’s SEC settlement and anticipation of the quarter’s numbers. expand full story

TSLA Stories September 27

While Elon Musk’s attempt to take Tesla (TSLA) private is long gone, it is still haunting the CEO. Now Tesla’s investors are feeling the consequences.

Tesla’s (TSLA) stock tumbled on the news that the SEC is suing Musk and is trying to remove him from the CEO position. expand full story

TSLA Stories September 10

Tesla’s (TSLA) stock price has plummeted this month after a series of events have been perceived negatively by the market.

Today it is rising after Wall Street firm Baird said to look past the headlines and invest in Tesla in a rare new positive note on the company from Wall Street. expand full story

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