TSLA Stories Yesterday

After a few setbacks since its last stock price (TSLA) all-time high of June 2017 that made Tesla one of the most valuable automakers by market capitalization in the world, the electric car and energy company is now back to pushing new all-time highs today. expand full story

TSLA Stories August 14

After Baird Equity Research’s Ben Kallo updating his Tesla (TSLA) stock price target with Model 3 deliveries, now Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas follows with his own update today.

The analyst also had to increase his delivery expectations for the Model 3 after Tesla launched the production version of the all-electric sedan a few weeks ago. expand full story

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) gained in pre-trading this morning after an analyst issued a new note warning short sellers that the Model 3 production ramp is not a good time to bet against Tesla.  expand full story

TSLA Stories August 11

Tesla announced on Monday that they are raising $1.5 billion in debt in order to fund the expansion of Model 3 production.

Now we learn that their bonds were oversubscribed by $300 million – bringing the total raised to $1.8 billion. expand full story

TSLA Stories August 3

Tesla’s stock price had one of its best days in a long time (up over 6%) following Tesla’s earning results, which beat expectations on several important metrics.

But more importantly, analysts are now changing their expectations on Model 3 and shorts who bet against Tesla are starting to give up. expand full story

TSLA Stories August 2

After market close today, Tesla released its financial results and shareholders letter for the second quarter 2017. Wall Street was expecting revenue of about $2.5 billion for the quarter and a loss of about $1.94 per share.

The company released the official results today delivered higher on revenue of ~$2.8 billion and missed on earnings with a loss of $2.04 per share (GAAP). expand full story

TSLA Stories July 5

After hitting several new all-time highs over the last month, Tesla’s stock (TSLA) has now tumbled back below $350. It went down another 5% this morning after a new note from Goldman Sachs.

Analysts have been assimilating Tesla’s second quarter delivery numbers over the last few days and now Goldman Sachs is sharing its opinion, which seems to be having a strong impact on the market. expand full story

TSLA Stories June 23

After market close today, Tesla announced that it increased its asset-backed line by $625 million with an option to obtain up to $175 million of additional incremental commitments.

The move comes as Tesla’s cash needs are increasing ahead of the several expansions needed to launch Model 3 production and support its growing fleet.  expand full story

TSLA Stories June 12

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas, one of the most influential analysts covering Tesla (TSLA), is out with a new note to clients today.

In the note, he is rethinking the rationale behind Tesla’s growing valuation by comparing it to Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving car company, and aligning it to a potential successful launch of the Model 3.  expand full story

TSLA Stories June 7

Investors seem to like what Tesla CEO Elon Musk had to say at the 2017 shareholder meeting yesterday because the company’s stock price is again surging to new highs.

As the company’s revenue and valuation keep rising, Tesla was added to the Fortune 500 list, which was updated today. expand full story

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