Energica Stories November 2, 2020

Energica has big goals for 2020, including finishing the year strong with an increase in US-based sales of its electric motorcycles.

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Energica Stories October 15, 2020

Last year, Italian electric racing motorcycle manufacturer Energica announced its intent to develop smaller, lighter weight electric motorbikes.

Now the company has progressed to bench testing a system that could become the powertrain for more affordable electric motorcycles designed for urban mobility.

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Energica Stories May 8, 2020

If you had to imagine the toughest possible market conditions for the already tentative electric motorcycle industry, having your operations ceased because your country was leading Europe in a global pandemic might be near the top. But somehow that has barely phased Energica, who is now touting impressive sales numbers not just in Europe, but in the US as well.

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Energica Stories April 29, 2020

Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica had been on a roll before the coronavirus pandemic ravaged Italy and forced nationwide lockdowns. Now Energica is starting up the factory again after certain businesses have received government allowances to resume operations.

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Energica Stories April 10, 2020

Italy’s premier electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica is preparing to return to strong sales figures after being rocked hard by the current coronavirus pandemic.

Now the company’s CEO Livia Cevolini is detailing how she plans to do it.

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Energica Stories February 26, 2020

Energica’s sales appear to be exploding this year, showing record growth for the Italian electric motorcycle company.

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Energica Stories February 1, 2020

When it comes to Italian electric motorcycles, Energica is the biggest game in town. And after opening its first ever pre-order program late last year, Energica is apparently rolling in cash now.

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Energica Stories November 5, 2019

Today marks the start of EICMA 2019, the Milan Motorcycle Show. And one of the first big reveals of the show comes from Energica, the Italian electric racing motorcycle manufacturer. The company’s line of electric motorcycles saw its first major update in years today as Energica has just revealed its new 2020 models with a massive increase in battery capacity and range.

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Energica Stories October 30, 2019

It looks like we can add Energica to the list of electric motorcycle companies that will be pulling a veil off a shiny new motorcycle at the 2019 EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show next week. The Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer will be showing off the 2020 version of its flagship Energica Ego electric racing bike.

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Energica Stories July 18, 2019

Energica, the Italian manufacturer of high power electric racing motorcycles, has a new target in sight. The company has just announced plans to develop a series of smaller, lighter-weight electric motorcycles.

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Energica Stories April 24, 2019

Energica’s riding academy will teach you to ride a 150 mph electric motorcycle

Energica is well known for their range of electric sportbikes. The Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer even provides the electric racing motorcycles for the MotoE series.

But if you were worried that you can’t handle their 150 mph (251 km/h) bikes, then don’t fret. The company has announced a new riding academy that will train you with the pros.

Energica Stories November 8, 2018

Energica showed up to the EICMA 2018 Milan Motorcycle Show with an impressive display of electric racing motorcycles. In addition to their newest 150 mph electric superbike, the Ego Sport Black, Energica also debuted a new concept bike, the Bolid-E.

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Energica Stories February 6, 2018

The world’s first electric motorcycle racing championship has been announced today in partnership with Dorna Sports, which is behind MotoGP, The FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme), and they signed multinational power company Enel as the title sponsor. expand full story

Energica Stories November 8, 2017

With the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan this week, we are seeing a lot of new electric motorcycles.

After the new Evoke Urban Classic and KTM’s new 2018 Freeride E-XC electric motocross bike, now Energica unveils its third model: Eva EsseEsse9. expand full story

Energica Stories January 24, 2017


Energica Motor, an Italian manufacturer of supersport all-electric motorcycles, unveiled a new version of its flagship Eva battery-powered bike: ‘Midnight Racer’. It’s hard to say if it actually an improvement on the original award-winning bike, but it’s certainly a widely different look from the sports bike. expand full story

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