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All-electric Rolls-Royce Spectre production likely to crank up, CEO credits stronger-than-expected demand

Electric rolls-royce

According to Rolls-Royce’s CEO, orders for its upcoming all-electric Spectre are so plentiful that the legacy luxury automaker may need adjust its production output to meet the growing demand. Furthermore, the company chief believes the first fully-electric Rolls-Royce will fit nicely into the current lineup and start generating profits from the very start of production.

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Rolls Royce proclaims ‘Spirit of Innovation’ e-plane fastest electric vehicle in the world at 387 mph

fastest electric vehicle

Rolls-Royce Holdings has publicly claimed it believes its Spirit of Innovation all-electric plane is the fastest electric vehicle in the world, following three new speed records. The flight data has been submitted to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) with the hopes the organization will soon certify and officially confirm these world records.

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Rolls-Royce taps Jaguar’s I-Pace to support its electric airplane during world-record-attempt flight

Rolls Royce airplane

The Spirit of Innovation, a Rolls-Royce all-electric airplane, is scheduled to take flight for the first time soon, and will be towed around the tarmac by a Jaguar I-Pace as a support vehicle. Rolls-Royce plans to attempt a world record flight with the Spirit of Innovation by reaching a target flight speed of over 300 mph.

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Rolls-Royce’s latest electric self-driving concept is ostentatious and never going to happen

RR concept

You remember BMW’s crazy-looking electric and self-driving concept with flexible fenders unveiled earlier this year? Well apparently the automaker didn’t learn its lesson and expanded the platform to its Rolls-Royce brand to unveil a new concept: Rolls-Royce Vision NEXT100.

It looks almost as stupid and ostentatious as BMW’s version, but with a touch of RR. Expand