July 6

In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB):

  • The City of Sydney, the central borough of the larger Australian metropolis, is now entirely on green energy.
  • Duke Energy’s and Dominion’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline is dead.
  • ARC Marine’s reef cubes protect both offshore wind turbines and encourage marine biodiversity.

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Dominion Energy Inc. and Duke Energy Corp. are canceling the $8 billion, 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The natural gas pipeline was to run 600 miles from West Virginia, through Virginia, to eastern North Carolina.

Duke Energy Corp has a net zero by 2050 goal in accordance with the Paris Accords. However, the reason for killing the pipeline is not environmental; it’s because of anticipated legal delays driving up costs.

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July 5

July 4

  • The Plastic Free Foundation launched Plastic Free July in 2011. Here’s how you can make a difference permanently.
  • Think you’re not in a flood zone? Double check with this comprehensive new data website.
  • Three things we can do to improve resilience efforts against rising sea levels — NRDC
  • And more…

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July 3

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