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Current EV registrations in the US: How does your state stack up and who grew the most YOY?

US EV registrations

As many legacy automakers join a slew of new and established EV manufacturers in committing to an all-electric future for passenger vehicles, the transition for consumers continues to rise. While we are still quite a ways away from a world of roads dominated by BEVs, the graph of this transition continues to trend upward. Below is where the US currently stands in total EV registrations, broken down state by state. We’ve also compared last year’s results to see how far your state has grown.

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Tesla Model S deliveries are up 25% in the Netherlands – record deliveries in March [Chart]

Tesla Model S promo shot

The Netherlands is an important market for Tesla. It’s the automaker’s second biggest market in Europe, behind Norway, though technically it was Tesla’s third biggest European market in 2015 because of the temporary surge in sales in Denmark ahead of this year’s tax increase for electric vehicles.

But now that Tesla’s sales are virtually nonexistent in Denmark following the price increase, the Netherlands is back as the second biggest market in Europe and things are looking good for 2016. Expand