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Alfa Romeo hopes to grow US sales by delivering new EVs that will compete with BMW

Alfa Romeo US

Italian legacy automaker Alfa Romeo recently outlined details of its upcoming all-electric segment in which its CEO said it intends to bolster sales in North America, expressing the need to “transfer the concept of performance” to its EVs. To do so, however, Alfa Romeo believes it needs something bigger and all-electric to attract US consumers, stating that it’s working on an SUV to compete with the BMW X5.

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Alfa Romeo promises small electric SUV by 2022

Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has been very slow to introduce electric cars. The Chrysler brand has the 22-mile Pacifica minivan plug-in hybrid, and the new Fiat 500e is coming back to the US next year. But its other brands — Dodge, Jeep, and Maserati ­— continue to tease plans that are taking a long time to materialize. Now there’s news that Alfa Romeo, FCA’s sporty Italian brand, will introduce a plug-in hybrid SUV next year, followed by an all-electric compact SUV in 2022


Ridiculous Tesla Drag Race: Alfa Romeo vs Alfa Romeo being towed by a Model X

Alpha Model X

We’ve seen some pretty ridiculous Tesla drag races over the years, more recently a Model S vs a snowmobile, but this one easily takes the first prize. At first glance, it might look like a fair fight, a Alfa Romeo 4C versus a Alfa Romeo 4C, but the second one is actually being towed by a Model X P90D.

If we want to be more accurate and look beyond the gimmick, the race is really between a Alfa Romeo 4C and a Tesla Model X P90D towing ~2,500 lbs, which is still an interesting experiment.  Expand