subaru Stories June 6, 2019

Toyota and Subaru, which is partly owned by the latter, have announced that they are partnering to develop a new electric platform in order to launch a couple of all-electric SUVs under each brand. expand full story

subaru Stories August 12, 2016


Earlier this year, we reported on Subaru and its parent company Fuji unveiling a new car platform to support hybrid and all-electric powertrains for future models. The company confirmed that it will launch the first plug-in hybrids in 2018, but the Japanese automaker has yet to confirm when its first all-electric vehicle will come to market.

Now a new report coming from Japan suggests that Subaru will release its first all-electric, a crossover, by 2021. expand full story

subaru Stories March 8, 2016

Subaru unveils new car platform to support electric vehicles [Gallery]

Subaru and its parent company Fuji unveiled a new car platform this week. All of its future models will be built on it with the first one being the next Impreza, which will go on sale later this year.

Interestingly, the automaker also confirmed that the new platform is built to support hybrid and all-electric vehicles for future models.

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