Tesla Model Y Overview Updated October 16, 2019

Tesla Model Y

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October 2015 - October 2019

‘Tesla Model Y’ is Tesla’s upcoming crossover all-electric vehicle built on the same third generation platform as the Tesla Model 3.

The vehicle is similar to the Model 3 and features similar options as the Model 3, like the Model S is similar to the Model X.

Tesla unveiled the Model Y on March 15, 2019. It is expected to hit production in late 2020.

Tesla Model Y Stories Today

The floodgates of Tesla Model Y prototype sightings have opened and today, and we’ve got a look at a beautiful new Midnight Silver Model Y prototype spotted in California. expand full story

Tesla Model Y Stories Yesterday

Several Tesla Model Y pre-production vehicles with new wheels were spotted on a carrier near Tesla’s Fremont factory ahead of production. expand full story

Tesla Model Y Stories October 2

The Tesla Model Y is scheduled for release in about a year from now, and we just got a glimpse of one “in the wild” near Tesla headquarters yesterday. Tesla Motors Club forum user Cstreet managed to grab a clip of the Model Y in black driving around in Portola Valley, just a few miles from Tesla’s Palo Alto, California, headquarters.

The video is short but doesn’t show significant changes from the Tesla Model Y unveiling, other than a new color we’ve not seen before: black.

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Tesla Model Y Stories September 10

Tesla is preparing a fifth assembly line at its Fremont, California, factory as it prepares to add Model Y production to the already very busy plant. expand full story

Tesla Model Y Stories August 16

Tesla has updated its Model Y prices to match recent changes and it increased the price of the Model 3 Performance by $1,000 a month after significantly decreasing the price of the higher-end version of the Model 3. expand full story

Tesla Model Y Stories July 24

Tesla confirmed today that it started “preparations for Model Y production” in Fremont factory during the second quarter and it is on track for a start of Model Y manufacturing in Fall of 2020. expand full story

Tesla Model Y Stories July 23

Tesla is working on several significant manufacturing improvements for the Model Y production program and it includes building a giant new casting machine to produce a big part of the Model Y frame in one single piece. expand full story

Tesla Model Y Stories July 22

Tesla has revealed its revolutionary new wiring architecture that enables more robot automation in the manufacturing process and uses fewer materials for its upcoming cars like Model Y and Tesla Pickup truck. expand full story

Tesla Model Y Stories June 11

Tesla is using its shareholder’s meeting as a rare opportunity to showcase their Roadster, Model Y, and Tesla prototypes. expand full story

Tesla Model Y Stories May 29

Tesla has yet to announce its final decision on whether it plans to build Model Y at its factory in Fremont, California or Gigafactory 1 in Nevada, but it has now reportedly started work to prepare for Model Y production in Fremont. expand full story

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