Ford F-150 Electric Stories June 10

Electric F-150 prototype

Ford is delaying its F-150 electric pickup truck to “mid-2022,” according to new comments from a top executive. expand full story

Ford F-150 Electric Stories March 5

The Ford F150 Electric 2022 is getting new renders based on some inside info – giving us our best look yet at the upcoming electric pickup truck. expand full story

Ford F-150 Electric Stories December 19, 2019

New patent applications are flowing for upcoming all-electric pickups. The future electric F-150’s front trunk can be accessed without opening the hood. The F-150 will have multiple battery-storage compartments, creating the possibility of individual motors for each wheel. The Rivian RT1’s tailgate has multiple hinges for greater flexibility, and an extra battery pack could be added to its cargo bed. All kinds of possibilities open up when you ditch the engine.

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Ford F-150 Electric Stories December 13, 2019

The recently revealed Tesla Cybertruck is running neck-and-neck in popularity with upcoming electric offerings from big-name truck brands GM and Ford, according to a survey from Autolist.

The survey also included Rivian, which is similarly popular. Among people who have never owned a truck, all four brands fared roughly equally. Among current and former truck owners, GM and Ford had an advantage, with Rivian trailing closely and Tesla quite far behind.

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Ford F-150 Electric Stories November 4, 2019

Ford renegotiated its union contract last week, coming to a relatively speedy agreement between the automaker and its workers. The agreement includes a detailed breakdown of plant investments, including which cars will be made where.

Of particular note, the list of cars includes two full electric vehicles (F-150 and Transit), two plug-in hybrids (Escape and Lincoln Corsair), and multiple other conventional hybrids. The electric F-150 will be built alongside the standard F-150 in Ford’s main truck plant in Dearborn, Michigan, where Ford also plans to produce batteries for the electric F-150.  While the Mach E is not specifically mentioned, “Mustang derivatives” are, and it looks like that car will be built in Flat Rock, Michigan.

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Ford F-150 Electric Stories July 23, 2019

Ford is starting to open up about the development of its all-electric F-150 pickup truck and it released a promotional video showing an all-electric prototype towing over 1 million lbs of train carts. expand full story

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