Bentley Stories August 16

Luxury automaker, Bentley Motors, is debuting a new hand-built grand touring bentley. Although the new model is not an electric vehicle itself, Bentley plans to use the design for its future EV models.

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Bentley Stories May 18

In a recent interview out of Europe, Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark promised some bold specs from the luxury automaker’s first battery electric vehicle. Despite describing the “brutality of acceleration” in the upcoming EV, the Bentley chief said that won’t be its main selling point. It will instead be the “effortless overtaking” from torque on demand. That price though…

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Bentley Stories April 21

British automaker Bentley has shared new data outlining its progress toward becoming carbon neutral throughout its entire global supply chain. The automaker’s “Dream Factory” headquarters in Crewe, England is already carbon neutral, but Bentley’s latest numbers show how much of a decrease it has made in its overall environmental impact the past year alone.

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Bentley Stories January 26

Luxury automotive manufacturer Bentley is yet another Volkswagen Group subsidiary falling in line with its parent, vowing an all-electric future for its vehicles. Bentley Motors has shared details of its “Beyond100” sustainability strategy, with includes large investments in EV production, a “Dream Factory” revamp in the UK, and carbon neutrality by 2030.

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Bentley Stories November 5, 2020

Bentley announced a significant expansion of its electrification plans, including only selling battery-electric vehicles starting in 2030.

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Bentley Stories December 30, 2019

Nobody expects Bentley to be a major player for electric cars. But it’s fascinating to consider what the Volkswagen group’s ultra-luxe brand is thinking about its EV strategy.

First, a future electric Bentley will use the group’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture. Even more intriguing, Bentley’s leadership is talking about how energy-dense, solid-state battery technology could help the brand redefine future vehicle design.

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Bentley Stories July 10, 2019

Bentley unveiled the EXP 100 GT on its 100th birthday today, and it happens to be a sharp-looking all-electric concept car.

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Bentley Stories July 1, 2019

Bentley has teased the EXP 100 GT, a zero emissions concept car that it’s set to unveil next week, calling it “the future of grand touring.”

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Bentley Stories December 28, 2018

Adrian Hallmark, Bentley’s CEO, commented on the British automaker’s electrification plans and how it plays into expanding their sales.

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Bentley Stories November 5, 2018

While almost all of Volkswagen’s brands are announcing upcoming new EVs left and right, Bentley still hasn’t pulled the trigger.

Now the automaker is considering to jump-start the electrification of its lineup with its own all-electric car based on the upcoming Porsche-Audi electric platform. expand full story

Bentley Stories March 12, 2018

Home charging stations for electric cars can often look quite dull, which is not a problem for most people since it just becomes another tool in your garage or driveway, but that’s not OK for Bentley.

The British luxury automaker designed a stunning new charging station for its upcoming electric vehicles. expand full story

Bentley Stories March 8, 2017

As we recently reported, Bentley is weighing an all-electric SUV smaller than the Bentayga as its first all-electric vehicle. But the company is apparently still undecided since it just unveiled an all-electric convertible concept and it is requesting feedback on the vehicle to define its electrification strategy. expand full story

Bentley Stories February 26, 2017

Bentley Bentayga, Iceland, July 2016 Photo James Lipman /

At this point, premium automakers have no excuse not to have an all-electric vehicle in their line-up, like Tesla, or at least one in late stages of development, like Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, and others. It’s a different thing for more affordable vehicles, but batteries are now cheap enough to allow large battery packs in luxury cars with performance competitive with internal combustion engines.

British automaker Bentley is now considering joining the rest of the industry in electrification with an all-electric SUV. expand full story

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