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We visited ECD Automotive’s new facility where it’s building electric Jaguar E-Types with Tesla motors

After visiting ECD Automotive Design’s original footprint in Florida earlier this year, the custom EV conversion specialists invited us back for a tour of its its new 100,000 square-foot facility up the street. It’s here that the company is setting up a second assembly line to build all-electric versions of the Jaguar E-Type to join all the classic Land Rovers it has been converting for years.

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ECD Automotive Design adds electric Jaguar E-Types to its repertoire using Tesla motors

Electric Jaguar E-Type

One-of-a-kind custom vehicle manufacturer ECD Automotive Design is at it again, announcing it will now offer the classic Jaguar E-Type in addition to unique Land Rover Defenders and Range Rovers. With the option to choose a Tesla motor and battery, these electric Jaguar E-Types are now available to order.

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Electric Vehicle Spotlight (EVS): ECD Automotive Design is building badass one-of-a-kind electric Land Rovers using Tesla motors

Electric Land Rovers

Earlier this month, Electrek got an invite from ECD Automotive Design to come visit its facility in Orlando and discover how its team builds completely custom 1:1 electric Land Rovers. The company has recently begun building electric versions of its one-of-a-kind vehicles by integrating Tesla motors and battery packs. After a tour of its entire footprint and a test drive in a completely custom electric Defender, it’s fair to say that ECD Automotive Design puts the “custom,” in “customer service.”

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