electric bike Stories July 21

REI, the nation’s premier outdoor equipment retailer, enters the e-bike space with its CTY e2.2. For reasons unclear, REI decided to enter the electric bike space with a city bike rather than something made for off-road. If their goal was to nail down a commuter bike and test out their mettle, I believe they’ve succeeded. 

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electric bike Stories February 7

Yuba’s electric cargo bikes are known for landing fairly high on the quality ladder. That premium build has also kept them perched quite high on the price ladder as well… until now. The company’s newest electric cargo bike, the Yuba Kombi E5, is shaking things up as Yuba’s new entry-level e-cargo bike model.

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electric bike Stories February 1

Texas-based Zooz has made a wildly fun and stunning electric bike in a unique space uncovered by bike companies. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you made an electric bike ride like a BMX and a Buick, then you’re not alone. Zooz has done that and much more with the gorgeous Zooz 750 reviewed here. While it’s loads of fun and can be useful sometimes, it doesn’t fit into traditional e-bike categories, except for one, sort of.

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electric bike Stories October 14, 2020

Tern specializes in folding bicycles, both electric and non-electric, but they fancy themself a transportation company. For those of you undergoing car replacement therapy, the GSD is one of, if not the best, compact cargo bikes on the market today. Every inch of the bike is covered in useful features, coming together in a dense product that continues to impress with each mile.

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electric bike Stories October 9, 2020

The Screecher is the latest four-wheeled electric bike car to reach production. But unlike the others, this one comes with some interesting features we haven’t seen before.

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electric bike Stories July 7, 2020

Haibike, a worldwide locally sold electric bike brand, carves a place in the middle of the road with the flexible Sduro Trekking 4.0.

In the past, Haibike carried about 50 different models in a variety of sizes, component level, tire size, and frame option. Lately, they’ve reduced their USA offering to less than 20 models, and I think it’s a change for the better. One of the models that made the cut is the quite flexible model called the Sduro Trekking 4.0.

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electric bike Stories April 17, 2020

Electra, a US nationwide brand with representation in local bike stores, specializes in cruiser bikes and the laid-back lifestyle. The Cafe Moto Go! model is their foray into a high-end cafe racer, and it expectedly hits the mark right on. While it’s not the fastest bike out there, it certainly delivers with comfort, quality, and style. With the added benefit of local support and reliable resale value, the bike has a secure place in the local markets, for those willing to spend the extra money for a high-end cruiser.

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electric bike Stories March 25, 2020

The M2S All Terrain R750 sits in the sweet spot of off-road, comfort, and commuting. The price is great, too, starting at $1,499 (early adopter pricing has concluded).

M2S has made great choices on components and price, making a down-to-business bike without adding frills that often bulk up the price. The R750 has a plentiful amount of electric power, which is paired especially well with the size.

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electric bike Stories February 26, 2020

A new Vancouver based e-bike company has created mid-priced electric comfort bikes capable of 120 miles of range.

Dōst Bikes (rhymes with “coast”) has a simple solution to range anxiety; double the battery size.

While it’s not the first dual-battery iteration we’ve seen, it’s the first time I’ve seen it on comfort commuters that maintain a wide variety of uses.

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electric bike Stories March 9, 2019

A few weeks ago, I traveled out to Long Beach, California for a work-related trip. I had never been to California (I am from Tennessee), so I was excited to see another side of the country. While I was there, I was loaned a Riese & Muller Tinker Vario by a friend of a friend to travel around the city. expand full story

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