Falcon wing door Stories February 12, 2016

model x wing installationn

Tesla released an interesting albeit short video of its giant robots installing a Falcon Wing door on the Model X assembly line in Fremont, California. expand full story

Falcon wing door Stories January 19, 2016


The Model X suffered several delays during its development. Tesla first unveiled the car in 2012 and planned to start deliveries in early 2014, but after several issues, low volume production only started in September 2015 and we are seeing a slow ramp up in the past few weeks with more deliveries.

The difficulty with producing and/or designing the second row seat and the Falcon Wing doors were the recurring main suspects for the cause of the delays, and now we learn that Tesla is suing a German supplier over delays in designing the Model X’s Falcon Wing doors. expand full story

Falcon wing door Stories December 14, 2015


Stanford recently released the video of a talk between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and investor Steve Jurvetson. The discussion focused on Musk’s vision of the future and if you are an avid watcher of Musk’s interviews, you probably will not learn much from the hour-long video, but we still found a few interesting moments worth sharing. expand full story

Falcon wing door Stories October 3, 2015

Falcon wing door Stories September 17, 2015

Tesla to offer hitch accessories at Model X purchase to get around ‘Falcon Wing’ door limitations

Ahead of the Model X launch at the end of the month, Tesla is still tuning the options available for the configuration of its all-electric SUV.  A roof-rack, which is popular for skiers and cyclists, isn’t an option for the Model X due to the vehicle’s Falcon Wing’ doors. We now learn through the online design studio, which is accessible to a select few reservation holders, that Tesla will be offering hitch accessories directly at the purchase of the Model X in order to get around the limitations.

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