gallery Stories April 27, 2016

gallery Stories April 18, 2016

Model S facelift bjorn

Tesla officially unveiled the updated Model S last week, but only released a few promo shots and updated the renderings on its online design studio. Now that the new vehicle is making its way to showrooms and service centers across the world, we get to see the vehicle in more details. expand full story

gallery Stories January 18, 2016

Tesla store Shenzhen

Tesla has some impressive retail locations around the world, but this one in Shenzhen, China looks particularly awesome. Located in Longhua District, the store is in a mall specialized in auto sales called “Longhua Auto City”. expand full story

gallery Stories January 5, 2016

FFZERO video still

Electric car startup Faraday Future took its biggest step out of stealth mode tonight by unveiling its first concept car at CES in Las Vegas. As much as we didn’t want it to be true, the leak we publish early in the morning turned out to be correct.

As it turns out, despite Faraday’s short timeline aiming to bring to market its first car in 2017, the company is holding on showing its mass market car, which was only briefly mentioned during the presentation, and instead shows a “test bed” concept to showcase some technology and “design DNA”: the FFZERO1. expand full story

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