It’s impressive how many quality amateur commercials were produced for the Tesla Model S. Maybe it’s because of Tesla’s own lack of advertising or because of the company’s arguably altruistic mission which could be inspiring amateur filmmakers, but either way we are not complaining. Keep them coming.

This latest ad titled “Not A Dream” was directed by the Freise Brothers. It has interesting 1984-esque visuals and for the narration, they cleverly pulled direct quotes from Nikola Tesla, after whom the automaker is named, though they hired a voice actor for the actual recording.

The main part of the narration was pulled from a speech the physicist wrote about his Wardenclyffe tower project. Tesla hoped to turn the tower into a wireless power transmission system, but he was never able to finish the project. If you look closely enough, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the tower in the video.

Here’s the ad in full:

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