Alpha Model X

We’ve seen some pretty ridiculous Tesla drag races over the years, more recently a Model S vs a snowmobile, but this one easily takes the first prize. At first glance, it might look like a fair fight, a Alfa Romeo 4C versus a Alfa Romeo 4C, but the second one is actually being towed by a Model X P90D.

If we want to be more accurate and look beyond the gimmick, the race is really between a Alfa Romeo 4C and a Tesla Model X P90D towing ~2,500 lbs, which is still an interesting experiment. 

Sterling Anderson, Tesla’s former Model X Program Director and now Autopilot Program Director, shared the video on his Facebook page and had this to say:

Fun fact: many high-performance cars cross the quarter mile line faster when towed by a Model X than they do on their own four wheels.

Fun experiment:

  1. Load an Alpha Romeo 4C on a trailer
  2. Hook that trailer up to a Model X.
  3. Line up against another Alpha Romeo on its own feet.
  4. Race said Alpha Romeo in a quarter mile.
  5. Show Alpha Romeo who’s boss.

In your 6,000 lb SUV. While towing its twin brother.

Here’s the quick clip via Motortrend’s Instagram:

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