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Tesla’s ‘Summon’ feature got most of the attention after the release of the version 7.1 of its software pushed via an over-the-air update this weekend, but the Autopilot’s ‘Autosteer’ feature also got a significant upgrade, which the following video beautifully highlights.

Tesla added new restrictions to the Autosteer, which were at play on the road the Model S is driving on in the video:

Autosteer is now restricted on residential roads and roads without a center divider. when Autosteer is engaged on a restricted road, Model S’s speed will be limited to the speed limit of the road plus an additional 5 mph. When entering such restricted road, Model S will reduce its speed if necessary and will do so even if you increase the cruise control set speed.

In the video, we can see the Model S cruising at 45 mph after passing the 40 mph speed limit sign and only slowing down to pass a cyclist, which is impressive on its own.

Interestingly, the Model S is able to stay in the right lane while planning its path without lane markings.

Here’s the video:

And another – this time with “barely” any lane markings:

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