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Tesla 4680 Cell

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BMW confirms it will adopt Tesla’s 4680 cell format, pledging billions of dollars for six global battery factories


BMW Group has come out and publicly stated that its future success in a competitive EV market relies heavily on “powerful, innovative, and sustainably produced” battery cells. When BMW’s Neue Klasse (new class) EV architecture launches in 2025, the German automaker says the EV platforms will utilize newly developed 46-mm-diameter battery cells, the same larger design Tesla is using.

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Rimac follows Tesla in developing 46mm battery cells, but at ‘varied heights’ beyond 80mm

Rimac Tesla

Less than a week after start of production for its first scaled electric hypercar, Rimac Group continues to expand its growing EV battery business, offering a one-two punch in a relatively nascent industry. Rimac is reportedly developing 46mm battery cells of various heights, similar to Tesla’s more energy dense 4680 cells that have recently begun rolling out in its EVs.

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