DC charging Stories January 11, 2016

At the 2016 Detroit Auto Show today, GM published all the specs of its upcoming Bolt EV (see below). The company finally confirmed that the vehicle will be equipped with a 60 kWh battery pack and that DC fast-charging will be available, but as an option. expand full story

DC charging Stories November 18, 2015

BMW EVgoBMW is expanding its “ChargeNow DC Fast” program in partnership with eVgo by installing 500 more DC fast charging stations across 25 U.S. markets. eVgo already installed 100 stations throughout California last year as part of the ChargeNow DC Fast program and now the company will add 50 stations (~2 in each market) before the end of the year under the new deal, which should bring the total to 600 stations by the end of 2018. expand full story

DC charging Stories September 22, 2015

2016_nissan_leaf_02-e1441884170552Nissan announced today a new partnership with Fastned to offer 2 years of free fast-charging when buying a new LEAF in the Netherlands. Fastned has an extensive 38-station network of fast charging stations all around the Netherlands, which hadn’t been really put to the test until now. The company says it is building a new station every week. expand full story

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