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Rimac Nevera

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Rimac offers extensive factory tour, challenges industry to try and copy it… if it can

Rimac factory tour

Electric hypercar manufacturer Rimac Group has delivered its latest peek behind its factory doors in Jankomir, Croatia, taking YouTube’s Misha Charoudin on a tour, which includes a cafeteria loaded with clementines, the Rimac Nevera assembly lines, and a look at Mate Rimac’s private vehicle collection. What may be most interesting about this hour-long video seen below is Rimac’s confidence in its technology, sharing extensive design details while imploring others to try and do it better.

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Rimac follows Tesla in developing 46mm battery cells, but at ‘varied heights’ beyond 80mm

Rimac Tesla

Less than a week after start of production for its first scaled electric hypercar, Rimac Group continues to expand its growing EV battery business, offering a one-two punch in a relatively nascent industry. Rimac is reportedly developing 46mm battery cells of various heights, similar to Tesla’s more energy dense 4680 cells that have recently begun rolling out in its EVs.

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Rimac shares Nevera winter testing footage ahead of deliveries to all 150 customers

Rimac Nevera deliveries

Electric hypercar manufacturer Rimac Automobili shared news of completing winter testing of its 1,914 horsepower Nevera EV. The two weeks of vigorous testing near the Arctic Circle in Sweden mark one of the last validation tests for the Rimac Nevera ahead of deliveries within “the next couple of months.”

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$2.5 million Rimac Nevera deliveries move closer to reality following final crash test

Rimac deliveries

Electric hypercar manufacturer Rimac Automobili recently completed the final crash test for its upcoming Nevera EV, capping off a four-year process to achieve global approval and market access. With the completion of this final test, Rimac Automobili can move forward toward production and deliveries to those 150 fortunate people who hold reservations.

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Tracking the most expensive electric vehicles on the planet

Previously, we’ve covered the most expensive consumer electric vehicles on the road in 2022, focused on vehicles you’re more likely to actually see on the road. Much of the feedback in the comments relayed that many of the EVs listed weren’t truly the most expensive. While we’d argue that original list pertains more to the most expensive vehicles to reach series production for consumers, we hear you. Now, you also have a list of the most expensive electric vehicles that exist on planet Earth, regardless if they’re actually available for sale. Enjoy.

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Rimac Group begins construction on €200M global headquarters in Croatia

Rimac Headquarters

Electric hypercar manufacturer Rimac Automobili has officially begun erecting its new €200 million ($224 million) headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia, after breaking ground months ago. According to Rimac Group, the state-of-the-art R&D and production facilities will combine to make the campus one of the largest in Europe when it’s completed in 2023.

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