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Canoo (GOEV) delivers EV pickup for US Army use – which makes sense


EV maker Canoo (GOEV) is on a mission to provide electric vehicles for multiple uses with its flexible Multi-Purpose Platform. Canoo announced today it has officially delivered its Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) EV based on the platform to the US Army.

Meanwhile, the military implementing electric vehicles can do more than protect the planet from climate change.

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Canoo secures another binding EV order, this time for 9,300 LDVs from work rental provider Kingbee

Canoo order

American EV startup Canoo is at it again, fighting off the naysayers and possibly collection agencies by announcing yet another massive binding order for its Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle. Canoo’s latest order comes from work-ready rental van company Kingbee, who has already committed to purchasing 9,300 LDVs with the potential to double that order up to 18,600 units.

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Canoo continues comeback with over 5,000 EVs orders from Zeeba, over half are binding

Canoo orders

SoCal-based EV startup Canoo continues to claw its way out of the pit of near bankruptcy, announcing yet another large commitment of orders for its all-electric Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle (LDV) and Lifestyle Vehicle (LV). Fellow Los Angeles local Zeeba has committed to purchase nearly 5,500 EVs from Canoo, 3,000 of which are part of an initial binding agreement.

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Canoo Q2 2022 report: $1 billion in sales pipeline, but only $33.8 million in cash left

Canoo Q2

American EV startup Canoo shared its latest report outlining its results for Q2 of 2022 as it continues to fight to stay out of the red in a race toward production. Canoo is now reporting another big loss for the quarter. And, although it has $1 billion in its sales pipeline, only a minority percentage of those commitments are binding under contract.

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Canoo stock doubles as Walmart orders up to 10,000 EVs in deal that includes warranted shares in company [update]


EV startup Canoo continues to feverishly lay the railroad down right in front of itself as it chugs along its route toward scaled production. A recent feeling of dread has been encapsulated by the company’s low stock, but new life has been injected into Canoo in the form of an order of at least 4,500 delivery EVs from Walmart, with the possibility of up to 10,000 in total.

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Canoo reports over $125M net loss for Q1, admitting ‘substantial doubt’ it can continue

Canoo report

Following the recent Q1 2022 report from EV startup Canoo, we find the feature image rather fitting. After admitting a net loss over $125 million for the first three months of this year, Canoo is very much stuck out in the woods. With a lack of current cash on hand to realistically get through Q2, Canoo admitted “there is substantial doubt” about the company’s ability to get out of those financial woods either.

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Canoo files lawsuit against its second largest shareholder citing suspicious share sales

Canoo Q2

EV startup Canoo is reportedly using a lawsuit to recoup profits made by DD Global Holdings and lead beneficiary Pak Tam Li, a significant stakeholder in Canoo with ties to China. In the lawsuit, Canoo is accusing DD Global of selling its shares in March while simultaneously doing an equity swap for the same amount of shares with an unknown buyer.

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NASA contracts Canoo to build EVs that will transport astronauts to launchpad for Artemis missions [Update]


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced it has chosen EV startup Canoo to provide zero-emission EVs to transport its crew to the launchpad for NASA’s upcoming Artemis missions to the Moon. Canoo will soon join the likes of Tesla and Rivian as EV automakers integrated into the realm of space exploration.

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Canoo platform patent joins USPTO database; at least 50 more patents pending worldwide

Canoo Platform

A recent addition to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database has revealed a patent application from EV startup Canoo for its proprietary platform technology. The application provisionally filed in September of 2019 outlines all the components within the Canoo platform as well as an image. A more in-depth search has revealed that the Southern California-based automaker has been quite busy filing many other patents, too.

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Canoo unveils fully-electric pickup truck set for 2023

Canoo pickup truck

Details of a fully-electric pickup truck from EV startup, Canoo ($GOEV) leaked today. The images and features were scheduled to be unveiled during the Motor Press Guild’s Virtual Media Day (VMD). This new truck is the third vehicle to sit upon the company’s proprietary multi-purpose platform. The new pickup truck is loaded with unique features and components that utilize every inch of that platform.

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