Canoo Stories December 17, 2019

If an EV doesn’t need a conventional engine and transmission, then why does every electric car on the market pretty much look like a gas-powered vehicle? That’s the question being asked by Canoo, the EV company actively re-thinking vehicle design for a new age of shared and connected mobility. We spoke with Canoo’s powertrain chief, who told us that the Canoo doesn’t use a battery enclosure.

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Canoo Stories November 29, 2019

The Canoo electric urban van doesn’t get much attention, but it is moving apace along an accelerated production schedule. The company, led by former BMW EV leaders, put the beta version of its EV into road testing this month. Could it be a sleeper hit in the EV market?

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Canoo Stories March 25, 2019

Electric vehicle startup EVelozcity, which was founded by former Faraday Future employees, has relaunched as Canoo. The company says it will introduce four EV models in the next three years, and its vehicles will be sold through a subscription model.

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