The Boring Company Stories June 19

While Elon Musk’s project to build networks of tunnels with electric sleds transporting cars and people at high-speed underneath cities is ambitious in itself from a technology standpoint, several naysayers claimed it would be infeasible from a permitting standpoint.

Musk understands the challenge and he went as far as saying that getting “the permits is harder than the technology.”

Nonetheless, he said that he is optimistic about the project after having talked with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who could possibly facilitate such a project.  expand full story

The Boring Company Stories May 26

Last month, we learned that Elon Musk’s ‘Boring Company’ is not just about digging tunnels, but it will also electrify transport in the process by putting cars and passengers on “electric sleds”.

The company released this week new images of its electric sled concept for passengers that they plan to use in those tunnels. expand full story

The Boring Company Stories May 17

Elon Musk agrees with several tech companies working on “flying cars” that transport in cities needs to go 3D in order to support their growing population, but where they want to go up, he wants to go down.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO updated the website of his new startup, the Boring Company, to answer common questions about what is undoubtedly an ambitious venture. expand full story


The Boring Company Stories May 12

Even though Elon Musk described his new Boring Company as “a few engineers and interns”, it seems to be moving incredibly fast.

They took delivery of their first boring machine last month and Musk now unveils new pictures of the entry hole, staging area for the machine, and the start of his network of tunnels under Los Angeles. expand full story

The Boring Company Stories April 28

Elon Musk unveiled today the concept behind his new company: The Boring Company. It confirms that the idea behind the company goes beyond simply building tunnels.

We reported just yesterday that the startup recently took delivery of its first giant boring machine at SpaceX’s headquarters.

The new video for the concept features mobile platforms lowering vehicles, Teslas in the case of the demonstration, into tunnels and then speeding away on those same mobile platforms riding on a single rail… expand full story

The Boring Company Stories April 27

Update: Musk has since revealed his vision for The Boring Company in more details: Elon Musk unveils concept behind ‘The Boring Company’ featuring Tesla vehicles speeding through tunnels on mobile platforms

With the recent launch of Elon Musk’s latest company, Neuralink, we almost forgot that the CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX also recently launched yet another startup: the Boring Company.

The company aims to make important advancements in the cost and speed of digging tunnels in order to solve transportation problems in cities. The startup recently took delivery of its first giant boring machine. expand full story


The Boring Company Stories March 8

U.S. President Donald Trump is set to hold a meeting with officials and business leaders today to discuss his $1 trillion infrastructure program.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk will be present at the meeting, according to a White House official talking to Reuters. expand full story

The Boring Company Stories February 3

A few weeks after announcing his intention to launch a new company to build a boring machine and improve tunneling time, Elon Musk appears to have released the first picture of the machine. It could be the first product from what the CEO has been referring to as “The Boring Company”. expand full story

The Boring Company Stories December 17, 2016

Tesla and SpaceX’s Elon Musk has floated the idea in the past of digging tunnels under highways to reduce traffic – an idea he had while sitting in Los Angeles traffic. Now he is apparently serious about doing it and he even has a name and tagline for the venture: “The Boring Company – Boring, it’s what we do.” expand full story


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