The Boring Company Stories October 19

Earlier this morning, we reported about Elon Musk announcing that his Boring Company is getting a second multi-million dollar boring machine.

Now we might have an idea where that new machine is going after what appears to be a new digging site spotted in Maryland today. expand full story

I don’t think Elon Musk can still call his Boring Company a “small project” if it’s not going to have only one but now two multi-million dollar boring machines to play with. expand full story

The Boring Company Stories August 28

As we reported last week, Elon Musk’s Boring Company received a green light from the city of Hawthorne to build a 2-mile long tunnel.

Now the CEO teases Tesla’s all-electric Model S in the tunnel – giving us a glimpse of what his vision of a network of tunnels alleviating traffic in cities could look like. expand full story

The Boring Company Stories August 25

Earlier this month, Elon Musk’s Boring Company presented the second phase of its tunnel at a special meeting of the Hawthorne city council.

We now learn that they have approved the plan and the startup can start extending its tunnel. expand full story

The Boring Company Stories August 23

Tesla is really going wild with those new “secret level” prizes of its latest round of the referral program for Model S and Model X owners.

After a discount on the unreleased next-gen Roadster, Tesla has now added a second “secret level” that has to do with Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s latest company: The Boring Company. expand full story

The Boring Company Stories August 8

Elon Musk’s Boring Company, supposedly a “small project with a few engineers and interns”, is quickly working toward its goal, which is officially “to solve the problem of soul-destroying traffic.”

After several announcements of upcoming large scale projects, like a network of tunnels under Los Angeles and an underground hyperloop between New York and Washington DC, the company is now presenting its R&D tunnel project underneath Hawthorne.

They plan to test boring techniques in the tunnel as well as Tesla’s autonomous driving and powertrain technologies on electric platforms to move vehicles. expand full story

The Boring Company Stories July 26

While talks of upcoming projects and planned routes of Elon Musk’s new Boring Company have changed to long distance hyperloop systems lately, their main project appears to remain a network of tunnels to carry cars on electric sleds under Los Angeles.

Now Elon Musk released a test of the company’s new car elevator to enter those tunnels – using a Tesla Model S. expand full story

The Boring Company Stories July 22

Since he announced a planned hyperloop route from New York to Washington DC yesterday, Elon Musk has been talking about other possible routes for his new Boring Company.

Now a Hyperloop route all the way up to Tesla Gigafactory 1 in Nevada is apparently being considered for cargo. expand full story

The Boring Company Stories July 20

Elon Musk just casually announced on Twitter that he received “verbal government approval” for The Boring Company, his new tunnel boring startup, to build an underground Hyperloop system connecting New York city, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC.

The system would be fast enough to travel “city center to city center” between New York City and Washington DC in just 29 minutes, according to Musk. expand full story

The Boring Company Stories June 29

Elon Musk’s Boring Company is moving fast and yet, its boring machine is still slower than a snail.

The CEO now says that they already completed the “first segment” of the tunnel they are digging under Los Angeles. expand full story

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