Tesla Powerpack Stories May 14

Tesla has unveiled yet another new large Powerpack energy storage project and this time, it’s going to be used as a virtual power plant for grid balancing in Europe. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories May 11

Tesla’s giant Powerpack battery in Australia has been in operation for about 6 months now and we are just starting to discover the magnitude of its impact on the local energy market.

A new report now shows that it reduced the cost of the grid service that it performs by 90% and it has already taken a majority share of the market. expand full story

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Tesla Powerpack Stories May 5

Tesla has recently deployed several very large energy storage projects, but a new one could apparently dwarf them all.

There was an important detail that came out of Tesla’s Q1 conference call but was mostly overlooked: Elon Musk teased a potential giant 1 GWh energy storage project, which would make it the biggest in the world by a wide margin, to be announced soon. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories April 30

With the help of an Irish energy company, Tesla is deploying a large Powerpack system at a glass container factory in Scotland in order to avoid any downtime due to power outages and take advantage of lower electricity rates when demand is not high on the grid. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories April 10

Tesla’s energy division has been on a roll lately and it has now secured another Powerpack project – this time at a wind farm operated by BP’s wind energy division in South Dakota. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories April 9

Since the success of its giant Powerpack system in Australia, Tesla has been rolling out several other massive energy storage projects in the country despite some high-profile critics at the federal level and now within the new South Australian government who think the initiative is overvalued.

Nonetheless, the Australian Energy Market Operator praised the performance of the system in a new report this month. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories March 22

Tesla has been guiding “major growth” for its energy storage division in 2018 and the projects enabling that growth keep being announced.

The latest one is another large Powerpack project in Australia. expand full story

Earlier this year, Tesla’s giant Powerpack battery system in South Australia has proven to be able to react to crashed coal plants in milliseconds and send power to the grid.

The battery system is stabilizing the local grid, a service reportedly worth millions, but now Tesla says that it is not being paid correctly because its battery is too quick for the billing system. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories March 21

A large Tesla Powerpack project was deployed in a town in the Philippines to create a microgrid linked to a solar installation – pictured above – and eliminate their brownout problem.  expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories March 15

We have heard of several small Tesla Powerpack projects in the UK over the last year, but a company has now deployed a much larger project that became the biggest behind-the-meter battery in the country when it came online last month. expand full story

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