Tesla Powerpack Stories March 15

We have heard of several small Tesla Powerpack projects in the UK over the last year, but a company has now deployed a much larger project that became the biggest behind-the-meter battery in the country when it came online last month. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories March 14

After breaking a few energy storage records with its battery system projects in Australia, Tesla looks to come back to the US to build a new world’s largest Powerpack battery system in Colorado. expand full story

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Tesla Powerpack Stories March 6

Through its acquisition of SolarCity, Tesla took over a longstanding lawsuit against Salt River Project (SRP), an electric utility in Arizona, over the company’s practice of imposing “unfair” fees on potential solar power purchasers, which has virtually killed the local solar market.

After a 3-year legal battle, the two companies have reportedly come to a settlement, which could lead to a large Tesla Powerpack project and discounted Powerwalls in Arizona. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories February 28

Tesla’s energy storage products, Powerwalls and Powerpacks, are starting to be used in such a variety of different applications that you might start seeing some impact without even knowing about it.

For example, you might if you are a water ratepayer in Southern California. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories February 18

Tesla’s energy division seems to be growing at an impressive pace with several new projects recently deployed.

We now learn of a new project in Nova Scotia where Tesla is installing both Powerpacks and Powerwalls to create an ‘intelligent grid’. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories February 15

While Tesla’s Powerpack battery system is finding a lot of success in Australia, electric utility companies are also starting to see the benefit of energy storage in the US.

Con Edison, New York’s largest electric utility company, partnered with Tesla to propose a series of Powerpack installations that could provide grid services to the company. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories February 6

We already reported on how Tesla’s giant battery in Australia made around $1 million in just a few days by taking advantage of the country’s volatile energy market.

But now a new report shows how it is also eating away at the ‘gas cartel’s’ profits. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories February 5

Tesla’s energy has secured another battery project this week; the company’s Powerpacks will power an energy storage installation at a ski resort in Tahoe, California. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories January 24

Tesla has delivered yet another Powerpack project and this time, it’s a lot closer to home and yet it could help send things far away from earth.

SpaceX’s new rocket launch site in Texas is getting a new energy storage system from Tesla. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories January 23

Tesla’s 100MW/ 129MWh Powerpack project in South Australia, the largest in the world for now, has been demonstrating its capacity over the last few weeks since going into operation last month.

But now the system is showing its potential to be highly profitable by making an estimated $1 million AUD (~$800,000 USD) in just a few days. expand full story

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