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Tesla Powerpack

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Ex-Tesla engineer tries to reinvent the home electrical panel for 21st century

Many new EV owners (and solar customers) need to upgrade their electrical panel. That panel, which is so critical to your home’s energy, uses antiquated technology. It’s mostly a big dumb circuit breaker. Well, that was until Arch Rao came along to turn that panel into an intelligent, app-controlled energy gateway.


A new Tesla ‘shared Powerbank’ launches as a community alternative to individual Powerwalls

The Tesla Powerwall can be a useful energy storage solution for homeowners with rooftop solar arrays. They can store excess power generated by their solar system, or use it when they need it or send it into the grid when it makes the most sense.

Right now, it’s Tesla’s main energy storage solution at the residential level, but two energy companies have decided to use Tesla’s bigger solution generally reserved for commercial and utility applications, the Powerpack, to create a new ‘shared Powerbank’ as a community alternative to individual Powerwalls. Expand

Tesla’s massive Powerpack battery in Australia cost $66 million and already made up to ~$17 million

We have already seen several pieces of evidence that Tesla’s massive Powerpack battery project in Australia is quite financially successful, but now we get all the numbers as Neoen, Tesla’s partner in the project, files for IPO.

The giant battery cost ~$66 million and it reportedly already made up to $17 million during the first ~6 months of operation. Expand

Electric cars can now charge on sunlight day and night with Tesla Powerpacks at new ‘Smart Solar Charging’ station

Tesla has been slowly deploying its solar products and energy storage systems on its own charging network in order to have their fleet drive on solar power, but the same products can also benefit all other electric vehicles.

With that mindset, a company in the Netherlands just added Tesla Powerpacks to a universal charging station with solar arrays in order to allow local EV owners to drive on sunlight day or night. Expand