Tesla Powerpack Stories August 17

Taiwan recently suffered from a massive blackout that affected millions of households on the island, resulted in millions in damages, and ended up with the economy minister resigning.

Now the Taiwanese government says that it is reaching out to Tesla to consider a similar solution as the massive 100 MW/129 MWh Powerpack system that Australia ordered from Elon Musk’s company after they had their own power outage issues. expand full story

Today, Home Depot announces a new renewable energy push at 50 of its stores in the US.

They will deploy solar rooftop systems built by GE and energy storage systems built by Tesla. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories August 9

Tesla beat 90 other competitors to win a contract for a massive 100 MW/129 MWh energy storage system in Australia, which they promised to deliver in 100 days.

That’s a bigger and more powerful energy storage system than anything else in operation today.

CEO Elon Musk gave some insights into Tesla’s plan to make it happen and surprisingly, Samsung is involved. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories August 1

While Tesla’s energy storage projects have mostly been paired with solar installations, it looks like wind farms are taking notes and looking to also partner on energy storage with the company.

Tesla and Deepwater Wind are now bidding for a massive new energy storage and wind power project in Massachusetts. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories July 14

Southern Company, one of the US’ largest electric utility and the owner of the two most polluting power plants in the country, announced today that they are bringing online a new Tesla Powerpack station to test the deployment of energy storage. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories July 7

Earlier this year, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declared a national energy emergency as parts of the country were under prolonged power outages over the last year due to its unstable grid. South Australia got it worst with a state-wide blackout in September.

They set out to stabilize their grid by adding a large amount of energy storage and started a bidding process to install over 100 MWh of energy capacity. Tesla CEO Musk made the company’s bid very public and even promised that Tesla could deliver over 100 MWh of energy storage in 100 days or it would be free.

Today, it was announced that Tesla won the contract. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories June 29

Community solar, which enables several households to benefit from a single solar array, has become increasingly popular in certain markets over the past few years – especially for people living in apartments and condominiums.

Now community energy storage is also becoming a thing and Tesla is about to help deploy Europe’s largest community battery project to date. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories June 21

Tesla’s solar and energy storage project with Kauaʻi Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) in Hawaii is a perfect example to showcase the company’s new offering in the energy sector.

And it was never clearer than with this newly released drone video of the project. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories June 17

Australia is feeling the need to stabilize its electric grid through energy storage and Tesla is among several companies trying to present their battery packs as ideal solutions.

Now we learn that Tesla has won the latest contract with Transgrid, the company operating the NSW transmission grid, in order to deploy Powerpack stations at several sites across New South Wales. expand full story

Tesla Powerpack Stories June 15

IM Properties, a property manager and industrial developer in UK, announced that it is installing a Tesla Powerpack in one of its building in order to study the potential of completely offsetting their electric utility costs.

If successful, the company hopes to be able to offer a whole new added value to its customers by using Tesla’s Powerpacks and solar energy. expand full story

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