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VinFast receives $1.2B in incentives from North Carolina to build US plant, the largest economic package in state history

VinFast incentives

Earlier today, before its simultaneous opening of six stores in California, VinFast announced it has received a massive incentives package to build its EV manufacturing facility in North Carolina. $1.2 billion (with a “b”) to be exact – the largest incentive package in the history of The Old North State.

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EGEB: Ireland launches its first offshore wind auction

Ireland offshore wind

In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB):

  • Ireland opens a consultation of its first offshore wind auction.
  • North Carolina’s governor is about to sign a major clean energy bill. Here are 3 standouts.
  • UnderstandSolar is a free service that links you to top-rated solar installers in your region for personalized solar estimates. Tesla now offers price matching, so it’s important to shop for the best quotes. Click here to learn more and get your quotes. — *ad.
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North Carolina walks back on direct sales and denies Tesla’s latest dealership license

Leilani Münter Tesla North carolina

Earlier this month, we reported on the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and the DMV holding hearings to decide whether or not to allow Tesla to get a second dealership license in order to operate another store in the state without having to go through a third-party franchise dealerships.

Now we learn that the DMC ruled against Tesla obtaining a second dealership license last week, which results in the automaker’s latest store in Charlotte having to operate as a ‘gallery’.


Tesla is now fighting direct sales restrictions in North Carolina

Leilani Münter Tesla North carolina

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is currently holding a hearing to decide whether or not to allow Tesla to get a second dealership license to operate in the state without having to go through a third-party franchise dealerships.

Tesla currently operates a store and service center in Charlotte and a service center in Raleigh. The automaker is now trying to get a second sales license since having won a legislative battle that successfully stopped a bill from outright banning direct car sales in the state back in 2013.


Tesla Supercharger dashboard reveals that I5 corridor is close to being finished, more East Coast/Texas as well

Tesla Supercharger dashboard

Great find from @mgillet onTwitter. This appears to be a Tesla dashboard at the headquarters showing significant growth in charging over the past few months.   More importantly, we some highly anticipated charging stations ‘coming soon’.  Probably most exciting for Tesla is the Oregon and northern California stations that will close the I5 corridor meaning the West Coast will be covered.  Also two stations on the California/Arizona border will allow trips to/from Phoenix and LA/San Diego.

You’ll notice that two stations, one in Colorado and one in Texas, are lit up even though Tesla hasn’t pushed to the  Supercharger Station website Map, below.

Texans will get two more Supercharger stations in Eastern Texas linking them to Arkansas and Louisiana. East coasters will get a couple in Northern New Jersey as well as Virginia and North Carolina allowing folks in Vermont/New Hampshire to travel to the Carolinas and vice versa.

Some fun facts:

  • Fremont (Tesla Factory) and Hawthorn in SoCal seem to be far and away the busiest Superchargers with Gilroy coming in third over the last 30 days.
  • Unsurprisingly, most people put 20-40kWh into their Teslas during a stop.
  • 1576 cars visited superchargers in the last week
  • Almost 4 million miles have been charged at Supercharging stations…
  • That equates to 14,000 MWh…
  • Which has saved nearly 160,000 gallons of gas.

Compare with the current map as of today, 10/21/2013:

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 10.58.30 PM