Honda E Stories July 1

The Honda E electric car is equipped with a powerful inverter, and a Tesla Model 3 owner decided to demonstrate that by charging his electric car with the Honda E. expand full story

Honda E Stories April 30

Newly appointed Honda Canada CEO Jean Marc Leclerc is not keen on electric vehicles. In an interview with the Windsor Star, he trots out all the typical anti-EV arguments: too expensive, not practical, money-losing, and no demand.

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Honda E Stories March 6

Honda will begin to sell its all-electric Honda e minicar in Europe this summer. Tom Gardner, Honda’s Europe chief, this week confirmed that a second EV from the Japanese automaker will also launch in Europe between 2021 and 2022. Details were not provided.

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Honda E Stories December 26, 2019

Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo wants to plot a new course for the Japanese automaker. He plans to simplify the product line, overhaul the production process, and re-align engineering resources to work on new technologies such as driver-assist features. However, EVs are not a priority. “I do not believe there will be a dramatic increase in demand for battery vehicles,” he told Automotive News this week.

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Honda E Stories November 10, 2019

There’s no doubt that Honda fell behind on electric cars. Beat up the company as much as you like about its meager EV offerings to date. But also consider signs that the Japanese automaker is slowly correcting its course. In addition to introducing the small Honda E in Europe next year, Honda is working on a second EV for about 2022. Other small victories include quitting diesel, putting hydrogen indefinitely on hold, and agreeing with California’s emissions standards.  expand full story

Honda E Stories September 10, 2019

Honda has unveiled the production version of its upcoming Honda E electric car and announced the starting price of ~$33,000. expand full story

Honda E Stories July 29, 2019

Honda e’s dual touchscreen dashboard featured in video demonstration

Honda recently posted a new video detailing the dual touchscreen experience in its all-electric Honda e.

Honda E Stories July 2, 2019

Honda has released some new information about its upcoming Honda E electric car, including more on its electric motor.

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Honda E Stories June 13, 2019

Honda has revealed more information about its Honda e urban EV, including details on the new electric car’s battery and platform.

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Honda E Stories May 29, 2019

Honda has released a few more details about its upcoming Honda e electric car, including the inclusion of a side camera mirror system as a standard option.

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