LiveWire Stories June 16

In a few weeks, Harley-Davidson plans to unveil its latest electric motorcycle model. Now some newly revealed details indicate that the bike being unveiled on July 8 will be known as the LiveWire One, and we’re already getting to see some early power specs.

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LiveWire Stories May 21

It turns out living in the South is a great way to find a pretty sweet deal on an expensive electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle, especially when H-D spins off LiveWire as its own EV brand. I’ve read and watched Micah’s excellent and thorough LiveWire review countless times since learning to ride, and I’m positive it and Long Way Up are the reason I’m a LiveWire owner now.

I started riding as an escape at the beginning of lockdown in the US last spring, and I’ve been writing about Apple and technology at 9to5Mac since 2013. Always living with the newest iPhones and Macs (before you can buy them sometimes) has turned me into a technology critic. Naturally, that’s a major part of how I evaluate Harley’s electric motorcycle.

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LiveWire Stories April 1, 2020

What happens when a Tesla Model 3 Performance goes up against a Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle in a straight-up electric drag race?

Let’s find out right now.

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LiveWire Stories February 20, 2019

Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire electric motorcycle has been making waves ever since the production version was unveiled last November. Despite its high $29,799 price tag, Harley-Davidson deserves props for its early embrace of EVs, beating many other major motorcycle manufacturers to the market.

But would you believe that a group of engineers actually built the first electric Harley-Davidson over 40 years ago? Check out their impressive effort below. expand full story

LiveWire Stories June 14, 2016

livewire 15

Harley-Davidson unveiled its Livewire project two years ago almost to the day. While the all-electric concept with only ~60 miles of range was lacking compared to other models already available today, it showed that one of the most iconic motorcycle company, which is also obviously entrenched in internal combustion engines, is at least looking at other powertrain technologies.

At the time, Harley-Davidson made it clear that Livewire was only a concept (and good-looking one – see pictures below), but now the company confirms that it plans to bring its first electric bike to market “within the next five years”. expand full story

LiveWire Stories September 14, 2015

Mission Motorcycles, a maker of high-end electric motorcycles, filed for bankruptcy

Amid financial troubles and co-founder scuffles, Mission Motorcycles, a maker of high-end electric motorcycles, filed for bankruptcy last week. In a letter obtained by local news-outlets, CEO Mark Seeger said the company is so low on cash that it can’t afford to pay for an attorney for the bankruptcy filing process.

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