electric boat Stories February 18

ALVA Yachts has introduced the latest addition to its family of all-electric luxury sailboats and yachts with the OCEAN ECO 60 Coupé, a 60-foot electric catamaran with solar panels. The Coupé arrives as a new, sportier version of ALVA’s ECO 60 and ECO 60 Explorer electric yachts, offering a lower profile silhouette and innovative new features.

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electric boat Stories September 8, 2021

While we at Electrek often tend to focus on electric vehicles taking over roads, it’s important to remember that our inevitable abandonment of fossil fuels stems to all modes of transportation, whether it’s by land, air, or even the sea. I recently had the opportunity to set sail on Sunwater Marine’s Ramblin’ Rose, a 40-foot sailing yacht powered by solar panels and electric propulsion. It’s one of the only vessels of its kind on the West Coast.

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electric boat Stories July 2, 2019

We have already seen ships going all-electric, but they are mainly ferries operating over short distances. Now we are seeing batteries making their way into cruise ships as the first plug-in hybrid ship sails for the Arctic. expand full story

electric boat Stories December 22, 2016


Quadrofoil, an electric boat startup based in Slovenia, has been teasing its battery-powered hydrofoil boat for a few years now and while it’s about a year behind on production, the company now sold its first 100 limited-edition boats, which it plans to deliver during the first quarter 2017. expand full story

electric boat Stories November 2, 2016

electric catamaran 1

At its core, the most basic essential feature of any vehicle is that it enables freedom. Freedom to travel further than your own two legs allow. And it’s difficult to imagine something that could potentially enable more freedom than a boat with a virtually unlimited range and that doesn’t require refueling.

That’s exactly what two companies partnered to do and they now have a working prototype and several units in production. expand full story

electric boat Stories August 29, 2016

tesla model x electric boat

All-electric vehicles have long suffered from misconceptions about their usefulness and power capacity. Now that the Tesla Model S is the fastest accelerating vehicle in production and it can travel in the Australian outback, those misconceptions seem like a thing of the past.

The ability to tow significant cargo is also another new achievement breaking EV misconceptions and it has never been more beautifully illustrated than by a Tesla Model X towing an all-electric boat. expand full story

electric boat Stories August 22, 2016

autonomous solar boat

This month we reported on an EV enthusiast who transformed their Bayliner into an all-electric boat using Tesla battery modules. Now we take a look at a team of individuals who have their autonomous, solar-powered boat, dubbed the Seacharger, traversing the Pacific ocean towards New Zealand.

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electric boat Stories August 11, 2016

Scott electric boat

We have seen a couple of awesome all-electric boats in the past year, such as Frank Stephenson’s creation and the Alfastreet Energy 23C. Now, we have a tinkerer and EV enthusiast, Scott Masterson, who has converted a 2016 Bayliner 175 into an all-electric speed boat.

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electric boat Stories July 22, 2016

electric boat

Fully Charged’s latest video features a beautiful boat ride down the River Thames in southern England. Robert Llewellyn’s never winding down excitement for electric propulsion is taken to a new level on the waterways in an all-electric boat, the Alfastreet Energy 23C. expand full story

electric boat Stories November 16, 2015

frankstephensonriverbreeze_heroFrank Stephenson, now Design Director at McLaren, is best known for having designed popular vehicles such as the Mini Cooper, BMW X5 and several other models from Ferrari and Maserati. Now he added a boat to his portfolio and it is electric. expand full story

electric boat Stories September 1, 2015


Green Dream Boats is a startup based on the Baltic coast currently developing battery-powered boats. It’s first entry is the T-21, also known as Tesla-21, a 21-feet day boat powered by a battery pack and a 4-panel solar array. The boat has a comfortable cruising speed of 12 km/h (7.5 mph) which it can maintain for 18 hours on the battery alone.

On a sunny day, the boat can be entirely powered by sunlight with its solar array. expand full story

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