Silent Yachts Stories June 24

After previously following and reporting on Silent Yachts, the solar-electric boat maker invited me down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to experience a cruise on the vessel for myself. The SILENT 60 yacht is a solar electric catamaran that represents the future of zero-emissions maritime travel and a mere stepping stone to the more advanced vessels Silent Yachts is already developing next.

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Silent Yachts Stories November 29, 2021

Solar boat engineer and designer Silent Yachts has shared new details of the SILENT-60, a 60′ catamaran with 42 solar panels and two electric propelled motors backed by 286 kWh of battery capacity. While Silent Yachts’ solar-powered vessels are all unique, the SILENT-60 will also be fitted with a 9-13 square meter kite wing, generating additional clean power to pull the yacht.

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Silent Yachts Stories January 27, 2021

VW has launched a new project to bring to market a new solar-electric yacht in partnership with Silent Yachts using its MEB platform for electric vehicles and a design from its CUPRA team.

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Silent Yachts Stories November 26, 2020

Silent Yachts, which has been described as the “Tesla of the seas”, is ramping up production of its electric catamarans.

The company now has 10 boats under construction and they are increasing production capacity to be able to produce dozens of electric boats a year.

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