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United States Department of Energy

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Solid Power awarded millions from US Dept. of Energy to build solid-state batteries

Solid Power US

Solid-State battery developer Solid Power continues to rally financial support to help scale its nickel- and cobalt-free cells for EVs. This week, the United States Department of Energy announced it is awarding over $5 million to help Solid Power continue developing its technology which could significantly help lower the price of EV batteries.

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Solar Power isn’t about fashion, its about survival – but solar power IS fashionable!


Dovolenk, designed by Architect/Owner David Komonosky, engineered by Q3 Engineering and built by Meeker Homes. Hardware – Dual Axis Trackers by Deger, BYD Solar Modules, BAE Batteries and Schneider Inverters.

Engineering that is designed right, looks good and drives both economic and environmental benefits – that’s what solar power done well can be. A couple of common homeowner questions are how will these solar modules look and what’s going to happen to my property value? Expand