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2023 Miami Boat Show recap: More marine electrification than ever, but plenty of room for more

Miami boat show

The 2023 Miami Boat Show has officially come to a close after flooding Miami Beach with all things marine and marine adjacent the past five days. As my second consecutive year attending the show, I noticed a significantly larger footprint for electrification in the segment; I not only got an up-close look at many of the electric boats we cover but also got introduced to several up-and-coming companies, which you can learn more about below.

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All-electric snowmobiles are coming – first tests proved successful in Whistler

All-electric propulsion is slowly but surely taking over every segment of ground transport one at a time. Of course, we extensively cover passenger cars, but we’ve recently seen an all-electric stand-up personal watercraft and electric planes are coming too.

Now we learn that all-electric snowmobiles are currently being tested and should become available next winter. Expand