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Electric Hydrofoil

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Lift Foils unveils LIFT4, touted as the ‘most customizable, quiet, and powerful eFoil ever made’

Electric hydrofoil veteran Lift Foils has officially unveiled its latest product – the LIFT4 eFoil, equipped with the company’s fourth-generation battery technology. In addition to being marketed as the quietest eFoil ever created, Lift is hailing its fourth-generation model as the most customizable, powerful, and longest-lasting eFoil ever made. Bold statement – let’s check it out below.

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Lift Foils upgrades its rider- and price-friendly electric hydrofoil designed for beginners

Electric hydrofoil veteran Lift Foils continues to showcase innovation that helped form an entirely new marine segment with its latest product launch – an upgraded version of the LIFT3 F which initially debuted last year. This revamped eFoil features two new color options, a redesigned aluminum mast, and a reinforced propeller featuring standard pitch, ideal for beginner-level riders the eFoil was designed for. Check it out.

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Awake launches ‘easiest eFoil ever’ as beginner-friendly flying electric surfboard

awake vinga 3 electric hydrofoil board

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to ride a flying electric surfboard but have been put off by what looks like a steep learning curve, then you’ll want to check out Awake’s new VINGA 3 electric hydrofoil board. The company just launched the eFoil board as a beginner-friendly platform for newcomers to the sport.

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Fliteboard launches its Series 3 lineup of electric hydrofoils, including ‘world’s lightest’ ULTRA L


Electric hydrofoil specialist Fliteboard is back with a fresh lineup of all-electric foiling products. The company launched its Series 3 range of eFoils today, complete with several upgraded models of varying shape, color, and price, plus an entirely new eFoil promising to be the “world’s lightest.” Check them all out below.

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I tested Awake’s epic 37 mph electric surfboards and survived. Here’s how it went [with VIDEO]

It was a beautiful morning in Stockholm when I rolled up on a sandy beach, ready for my first electric surfboard experience in two years. I’m not a complete beginner at e-surfboards, but my couple of sessions over the last few years don’t exactly make me a seasoned professional either. Even so, I was excited to test out some of the most high-performance electric surfboards in existence: Awake’s RÄVIK boards.

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Electric hydrofoil startup Navier raises $7.2 million in seed funding to build boats in the US

Electric hydrofoil watercraft startup Navier announced a large round of seed funding to help its founders in their quest to democratize waterways by reducing operational costs for electric boat transportation. The funding announcement comes as Navier constructs its first of 15 N27 hulls planned for its first year of production.

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