referral program Stories July 18, 2016

As we discussed when Tesla announced its last round of the referral program, the automaker is still tuning the program since the first round over a year ago now. Tesla went through 4 rounds with the latest ending last Friday and each round had different rules, rewards and discounts.

On occasions, Tesla waited a few weeks before launching a new round, but now we learn that the company quickly renewed the referral program for the fifth round with again a $1,000 discount on both the Model S and X. expand full story

referral program Stories July 14, 2016

PSA: Tesla’s Referral Program to End Tomorrow – last chance for $1,000 discount

Just as a reminder to anyone that is on the fence about placing an order for a Model S or X, Tesla’s current referral program will end tomorrow, July 15th!

As stated in our article about the new round of the program in May, the referral program has different rewards than previous versions. As an owner, you can win the exclusive 21″ custom Arachnid wheels in either black, grey or silver, invitations for two to the Gigafactory opening, or some electrifying Tesla swag. Each referral also gives the owner an entry to win a Ludicrous P90D Model X.

referral program Stories May 30, 2016

Tesla has been tuning its referral program for close to a year now. The automaker went through 3 rounds with different rules, rewards and discounts. The last round ended in mid-April and the company hasn’t updated the program until now.

This weekend Tesla reactivated the referral links and now a new offer of $1,000 in credit is available through the new referral program with both Model S and X orders. expand full story

referral program Stories February 17, 2016

Tesla quietly announced early this morning its third referral program with a chance to win a Model X P90D and a tour of the SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles. Tesla’s referral program returns after a two-month break and very successful two initial competitions.

The company is trying something new with the latest version of the program, which will not really be a competition this time. expand full story

referral program Stories December 30, 2015

The second trial period for Tesla’s referral program will end tomorrow with no word about a possible renewal, although it’s likely considering the success of the program. The top referrer currently has 188 referrals – breaking his own record of 100 during the last period from August to October. expand full story

referral program Stories November 5, 2015

Tesla Motors announced the renewal of its $1,000 referral program for the Model S for 2 more months after the end of the first trial period on October 31. It’s fair to say that the program was a success with a single Model S owner selling 100 cars in only 3 months and hundreds of top referrers selling several thousand vehicles.

The company introduced a few new prizes for top referrers including free Ludicrous P90D Model S’s and invitations to the unveiling of the Model 3 expected in late March 2016. expand full story

referral program Stories October 20, 2015

Three months ago Tesla announced a referral program for Model S owners. By referring someone who ends up buying a Tesla Model S, the owner gets $1,000 credit from Tesla to put toward accessories, service or a car, and the new buyer gets $1,000 off his new Model S. The program is only in a “trial phase” until October 31, but the deadline is also a competition for top referrers.

Today, less than two weeks before the end of the trial, the automaker upped the ante by announcing that those who make 5 referrals will receive a Tesla Powerwall for free… expand full story

referral program Stories September 3, 2015

In an email to Model S owners today, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed the company’s new referral program “seems to be working” and they are removing the 10-referral limit. More than 9 Model S owners have already referred 10 or more leads which turned into sales.

The company is also adding one more reward to the program. Now not only the first owners to get to 10 referrals in each region (North America, Asia and Europe) will get a free Model X, but the customer who makes the most referrals by the end of the program in October will be able to trade their current Model S for a brand new fully loaded Ludicrous P90D Model S for free. expand full story

referral program Stories August 31, 2015

Last month Tesla announced a new referral program for Model S owners that will run as an experiment through October. If you refer the Model S to a friend, your friend will get $1,000 off the price of his new car and Tesla will credit you $1,000 for your referral, which you can apply to any purchase with the company, like a new car, service center visit or accessories.

Now dealership are pushing back against Tesla’s program. California’s main dealership lobbying group sent a letter to the director of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, Jean Shiomoto, to ask his agency to crackdown on the referral program. expand full story

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