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Plug and Charge

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EVgo expands Plug and Charge capabilities to EVs beyond GMs Ultium Charge 360 network including Ford, Polestar

EVgo plug and charge

US public charging network EVgo has announced an expansion of its Plug and Charge capabilities via its new Autocharge+ technology. Previously, owners of Plug and Charge capable GM EVs could utilize the feature on the EVgo network, but that opportunity is now available for drivers of plenty other EVs, including Ford.

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GM adds Plug and Charge to EVgo Ultium Charge 360, vehicles including Bolt

GM Plug and Charge

This is big. General Motors (GM) has announced that it is adding Plug and Charge capabilities to its Ultium Charging 360 network of charge providers across North America and across its line of Bolt, Hummer and Cadillac Lyriq EVs.

To begin, drivers with an EVgo account will be able to utilize the convenience of Plug and Charge before GM expands the technology to additional charging networks across its Ultium Charge 360 family.

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VinFast and Electrify America announce charging agreement to provide just two complimentary sessions

Vinfast Electrify America

Infant EV automaker VinFast and US charging network Electrify America (EA) announced a new charging agreement during this year’s New York International Auto Show. As part of the collaboration, US Vinfast owners will have access to all of EA’s 3,500+ EV chargers through the VinFast mobile app. However, their complimentary charging sessions will be limited to two – a much smaller bonus compared to previous agreements with other automakers.

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As ‘Plug and Charge’ and ‘V2G’ tech standardizes, CEC says widespread deployment of ISO-15118 is imperative

Plug and charge

The California Energy Commission (CEC) published a recent docket recommending widespread adoption of ISO-15118 chargers in order to support current and upcoming electric vehicle features. This includes nascent technologies such and Plug and Charge and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) capabilities.

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