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Portable EV Charging

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Lightning eMotors unveils 2nd-generation portable DC fast charger with 420 kWh capacity

Portable DC charger

EV manufacturer Lightning eMotors has unveiled its latest generation of its Lightning Mobile chargers to support commercial and consumer EVs. The second-generation portable DC fast charger brings vast improvements and versatility compared to its predecessor, providing up to five charging ports without any need for installations or construction.

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Volkswagen emulates Audi charging hub with its own power storage container powered by reused EV batteries

Volkswagen EV batteries

Volkswagen has commissioned a fast charging park in Germany consisting of power storage containers (PSC), each powered by ninety-six reused EV batteries. This portable charging structure emulates a similar product VW Group subsidiary Audi has developed and implemented into a successful “Charging Hub” design.

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Introducing ZiGGY: An autonomous robot that saves you a parking spot then charges your EV

robot charge EV

Charging technology provider EV Safe Charge has unveiled ZiGGY – a mobile robot that can charge an EV wherever it’s parked. Through its ability to recharge itself via different energy sources and its summoning feature, ZiGGY can alleviate the need to install specific parking stalls for EV charging, as any spot can now become a spot to recharge.

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ZipCharge unveils the GoHub: A cheaper, more modular take on portable EV charging

portable EV charging

Portable EV charging developer ZipCharge has announced its latest addition to EV infrastructure with the GoHub. This modular, portable public charging station can be installed anywhere on a footprint the size of a parking space – no matter if its the single-sided 5 charger layout, or the double-sided 10 unit version. The GoHub houses ZipCharge’s Go EV power banks that provide portable energy to both owners and subscribers.

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