New Jersey Stories June 18

In today’s EGEB:

  • New Jersey will rejoin the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.
  • Wind energy experts see greater potential in Ireland.
  • A solar-powered gondola in Bogotá is cutting travel time, pollution, and emissions.

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New Jersey Stories June 5

New Jersey is looking to become an East Coast leader when it comes to electric vehicles, as the state announced a new interagency partnership this week that aims to build out charging infrastructure in the hopes of getting 330,000 ZEVs registered in-state by 2025.

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New Jersey Stories March 19, 2014


After Tesla lost in New Jersey, Nissan’s social Media Team Tweeted the “dickish” image above from the Leaf account according to ABGreen. They quickly realized the folly of their ways and deleted it and perhaps someone was straighend out (the door?) over the matter.

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