EV incentives Stories May 3

Vermont is launching new electric bike and car incentive programs and is also continuing an existing EV incentive program for state residents. The transportation sector currently causes about 40% of the state’s carbon emissions. 

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EV incentives Stories January 21

New York State governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY) announced this week that more than $12 million will be added to the state’s Drive Clean Rebate program, which helps consumers save up to $2,000 on the purchase of an electric vehicle.

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EV incentives Stories December 8, 2021

The US Senate is reportedly considering changes to the extra $4,500 incentive for electric vehicles built at union factories in the US that is part of the Build Back Better act.

It comes as several countries are pushing to stop the proposal.

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EV incentives Stories November 6, 2021

After an entire day (and indeed months) of deliberation and negotiations, Congress approved a long-debated infrastructure bill totaling $1.2 trillion. The 228-206 vote held by the US House of Representatives early Saturday morning will put a core piece of President Biden’s domestic legislature into action. While six Democrats didn’t vote for the bill, 12 Republicans joined

While this is a huge win for the Biden administration, the President and House Speaker Pelosi were unable to land a vote of passage for the “Build Back Better Act,” which includes a restructured federal tax credit for EVs to up to $12,500.

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EV incentives Stories June 30, 2021

In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB):

  • The US government has awarded grants for electric and hydrogen buses to 49 projects in 46 states.
  • Connecticut boosts its electric vehicle rebates.
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EV incentives Stories March 31, 2021

President Joe Biden has unveiled an outline of his infrastructure plan, and it includes a proposed $174 billion investment in electric vehicles.

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EV incentives Stories November 17, 2020

California has refreshed its “Clean Fuel Rewards” program, increasing the amount to $1,500 upfront (no application required) and simplifying availability to customers statewide. The new incentive is available for any eligible electric vehicle (including motorcycles!) purchased from a participating retailer starting today, November 17.

As this is a refresh of California’s previous Clean Fuel program, which was a collaboration between the California Air Resources Board and electric utility providers, those previous utility programs will disappear at the end of this year. But other incentives still exist, and until the end of the year, the utility incentives are still active — which means customers who buy before December 31 may be able to double-up and save an extra grand or so.

Update: SCE has reached out to clarify that their $1k rebate does not stack with the new $1,500 incentive, and other utility incentives likely don’t either. While CARB said that both incentives can be used on the same car, SCE itself doesn’t allow customers to take both incentives. So check with your individual utility to see if their programs stack.

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EV incentives Stories June 8, 2020

The British government is considering offering drivers up to £6,000 to swap their ICE cars for electric vehicles ahead of a plan to relaunch the economy, according to the Telegraph.

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EV incentives Stories December 18, 2019

Tim Echols wants his fellow Republicans to wake up to the benefits of electric vehicles. Echols, a member of Georgia’s Public Service Commission, is not happy that his state quashed state-based EV tax credits in 2015. That led to a nearly 90% drop in the state’s electric-car registrations. And Echols tried unsuccessfully get Washington to extend federal EV tax credits. But he’s not giving up the battle.

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EV incentives Stories February 11, 2016

tesla model s promo pic

The Ontario Government announced this week an update to its incentive program to promote electric vehicles. Premier Kathleen Wynne made the announcement yesterday at WaterPark Place in Toronto.

The initiative builds on the province’s program first launched in 2010 and increases the range of incentives from $5,000 – $8,500 to $6,000 – $10,000 per vehicle, but not without a few exceptions. expand full story

EV incentives Stories January 13, 2016


Germany joined the International Zero-Emission Vehicle Alliance (ZEV Alliance) last month and committed to make all passenger vehicles emission-free by 2050. Today, Reuters reports what seems to be the government’s intention to make the first actionable move toward the ZEV Alliance’s goal. expand full story

EV incentives Stories August 26, 2015

Scotland offers up to £50,000 interest free loans for electric vehicles

Transport Scotland announced earlier this month a new program to offer interest free loans of up to £50,000 for electric vehicles. The number of loans will be limited since the program is financed by a £2.5 million fund. The fund will close on 31 March 2016, applicants have until then to submit their loan requests.

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