Electric garbage truck Stories May 9

During a presentation at WasteExpo 2022 in Las Vegas, XL Fleet unveiled its all-electric pre-series powertrain on a Quantum garbage truck as part of collaboration with Curbtender, Inc. This pre-series vehicle is the first toward production models the companies plan to build in 2022. 

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Electric garbage truck Stories February 19

After I had such a good time pretending to operate my own private fire service with the mini electric fire truck I found last week, I think I’ll stick with the municipal services for just a bit longer. And considering the famed high-wages that garbage men are supposed to receive, perhaps its time I bought an electric garbage truck and take this dumpster fire on the road.

The garbage e-truck in this week’s edition of the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week will make that keenly possible, and I’ll sure be doing municipal waste collection in style!

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Electric garbage truck Stories February 11

EcoCycle, a nonprofit recycler in Boulder, Colorado, is putting into service the nation’s first commercial electric truck for compostable waste collection. The truck is a Mack LR electric and EcoCycle hopes that it will be first of many adopted by the industry.

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Electric garbage truck Stories January 30, 2020

Los Angeles has committed to electrifying their entire garbage truck fleet, and they’re doing it with a pretty aggressive goal.

Los Angeles Board of Sanitation director Enrique Zaldivar made the announcement last week that not only will the city stop buying gas-powered garbage trucks in 2022, but they will have a fully electric fleet by 2035.

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Electric garbage truck Stories June 14, 2017

If you are following Electrek closely, you know that we firmly believe virtually all form of ground transport will quickly move to electric propulsion in the next few decades. And that includes garbage trucks.

In a move toward that goal, California just took delivery of its first all-electric garbage truck this week. expand full story

Electric garbage truck Stories November 10, 2016


Battery-powered garbage truck. That’s BYD’s, the Chinese electric automaker with an electric bus and truck division in the US, latest product. We are talking about a 3.9-ton battery-powered truck capable of traveling 100 miles on electric range. That’s something.

They unveiled the vehicle (pictured above) in Phoenix today. expand full story

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